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#6639: Here's hoping I get to sleep in tomorrow

Up early Wed, Thu, and Fri--I'd better get to sleep on Saturday or there will be a reckoning.

* * *

The last few bits regarding NYC's anti-Amazon stupidity, and then I believe I'll forget about it:

This is what I've been saying all along about this. NYC wasn't writing Amazon a check for (or several smaller checks that amounted to) $3 billion. Now that Amazon won't be coming to NYC, NYC does not suddenly have an extra $3 billion in its budget to spend.

But this is a case of leftists screwing over leftists and that's hard not to like. The problem I have here is that--as is typical whenever leftists do anything--the little people are getting screwed.

* * *

Let me say that again: Whenever leftists do anything the little people get screwed. The last four paragraphs tell the tale.

The socialized education system is nothing but a jobs program for incompetent leftists.

* * *

If you think cultural appropriation is so bad then of course you won't mind ceasing to appropriate the products of white culture. You know, little things. Computers, cell phones, antibiotics, cars, trains, airplanes, the flush toilet, indoor plumbing....

* * *

What else can you call it?
If anyone believes that Trump committed a high crime or misdemeanor, the proper constitutional remedy is impeachment. Thus, these officials were fomenting a coup.
Let's face the facts: these people were trying to find a veneer of legitimacy to cover for the fact that they wanted to undo the results of the Presidential election. The idea here was not to uphold the law or the Constitution, but indeed try to find a way to make an end-run around them, to use the extant laws to gin up a way of removing him from office.

...and if they had done that, then there would have been no stopping them; and, in rapid succession, the dominoes would fall until a Democrat sat in the White House. But the US would no longer have a legitimate government and there'd be an immense uprising.

All in response, by the way, to an action taken by the President which he was perfectly entitled to take: firing the sitting director of the FBI, who serves at the pleasure of the President like most (if not all) of the officials in the Justice Department.

On the plus side: with that, they very nicely self-identified as enemies of democracy and we can treat them with the appropriate caution.

* * *

You poor dumb bastard. Can you think of anything more boring than a bedtime story about an obscure civil rights leader? I suppose it puts the kids right to sleep, though.

* * *

Stall speed is a quick trot. The Wright brothers did something similar in the leadup to their powered airplane; they built quite a few gliders which had similar takeoff speeds. Not quite as sophisticated, though.

* * *

Is it a "reboot" or is it just a remake? Gonna be yet another film version of Dune. Saw the 1984 movie first, then read the book, then saw the SyFy mini-series in 2000. The mini-series was a reasonable translation. The 1984 movie was...bad.

Herbert's writing has always left me cold, though, and Dune was no exception. For all that it was a seminal book in SF, I only thought of it as an "okay" read. That might have been different had my first exposure to Herbert not been his awful, awful Jesus Incident, but I guess that's how it is.

Not gonna get excited about this one, sad to say.

* * *

Seeing news to the effect that the second-rate actor in the third-rate TV show staged the attack as some kind of publicity stunt. Wow, you mean it was a hoax? Holy shit, who coulda seen that coming?

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