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#6642: A hoax, all right (the long version)

I do feel it necessary to stand up and say "This is what I've been saying!" because--being the youngest in the family--no one ever listened to me. I understand Cassandra's plight implicitly.

Vox Day is a little late to the party. He may have considered this a "dog bites man" story, though.

Second City Cop, which had interesting inside information, now mentions that the hoax could have a federal component. Apparently there was some kind of threatening note mailed somewhere, and on the evidence sheet the first line item is "magazine on bird cage". Since SCC doesn't talk about firearms but paper magazines, I infer that this magazine is missing words or letters, which were cut out out of the magazine and pasted on paper to make a threatening letter.

Problem: when you do that and mail the thing, that makes it a federal crime.

Karl Denninger goes right for the obvious conclusion. Unfortunately, we're talking about something perpetrated in Chicago, which--as always--has a "difficult" racial environment. No one is going to jail for this; forget it.

That "difficult" racial environment is no different than any other Democrat Machine city, and it's used as an excuse to be just as lax on crime as they can be. If the Machine told the blacks that under no circumstances were they to riot, and then found this turkey guilty, do you honestly think the blacks would riot? There would be some spontaneous nonsense, but you'd have Jesse Jackson out there urging everyone to be calm and all the other race hustlers and "community organizers" would be keeping a lid on things.

But the Machine--wherever one exists--finds it useful to have mob violence on standby, because that helps them to keep the middle class and upper class whites in line. "You know, if it wasn't for us, those blacks from the south side would roll right over you--but we're barely hanging on, here, so pay up." So, when a black man spends literal thousands of dollars to fake a hate crime, the Machine can't punish him for it--not because they're incapable of doing it, but because it would erode their position with the people who have all the money.

You'll notice that when there are riots over perceived injustices, they don't take place in the tony uptown neighborhoods. They don't happen in the downtown districts where the court buildings are, nor do they happen near City Hall. One would think that people rioting over a court decision they don't like would riot somewhere nearer one of those locations, you know? Where the injustice actually took place?

Why do these people riot and destroy and burn their own neighborhoods? That doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? Even if you assume the people who are actually rioting have short time preferences and are largely uneducated? If someone's screwed me over, I don't think that punching myself in the face does much to rectify that. That kind of calculus should not be beyond anyone capable of feeding and dressing himself.

Bears thinking about. But I digress.

I am not the only one capable of identifying these things as hoaxes, even a mile away. As a bonus this includes what the story would have looked like had it not been a hoax.

The nigerian brothers pretty much confessed to everything and now the third-rate actor is having to explain himself. He's doubling down on his story.

I don't know what the motive is for this. Some people have said that the actor was due to be written out of the show, and he did this to avoid that happening. The production staff has said that there are no such plans. (Or perhaps the word was "were"?) For what that's worth, I believe them; too many times the people who perpetrate these hoaxes are the only ones who understand why they're doing it.

The attempt at connecting the assault with supporters of President Trump is probably the key. Plenty of leftists out there think that "if only the people are shown the truth!" they will come around to their way of thinking. Problem is, the "truth" is not obvious enough for "the sheeple", so they think that by doing something like this everyone will suddenly have this epiphany about what Trump supporters are really like. And so, out comes this stupid crap.

The problem is, these idiots don't realize how thorough and deep modern criminal investigation can be. I scoffed at the Chicago cops trying to find out where the rope was sold, but they did it; and having the sample from the guy's neck and whatever was found in the apartment, a decent forensics lab can probably match the two rather neatly.

It doesn't take nearly as much as you might think. The default position for anyone wanting to commit a crime should be I won't get away with it, because if they are sufficiently motivated the police will find out who did it.

And a lot of these hoaxes end up being found out because of stupid errors. For example, the lesbian who claimed she was accosted by "right-wingers" while trying to withdraw money from an ATM--I don't remember all the details but I do remember that something was scrawled on her forehead, only it had been written backwards as if she'd done it to herself in a mirror. Like that.

The third-rate actor's errors are pretty manifest: somehow he kept his sandwich, completely intact. His assailants knew who he was, and identified him as such. The timing of the attack was ludicrous: 2 AM on the night of the worst cold snap Chicago has seen in thirty years. And as the Gormorgons post makes plain, not really beating him so much as just assaulting him and messing him up a bit. Have to believe that a beating that was part of a real hate crime would've put this gomer into the hospital, you know?

To say nothing of the fact that the guy's actions, after the attack, were suspicious. I mean, if you've been attacked, completely out of the blue, you're rattled--unless it's something that happens to you all the time, in which case you have other problems--and shaken and you cooperate with them. You don't wait 45 minutes to call the cops, and sit there with the noose still around your neck, and-and-and.

Because of how this thing went down it was pretty obvious from the get-go that it was a hoax. And the odds were good that it was precisely because we've seen so many of them.

The guy should go to jail for this. But he probably won't. Oh well.

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