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#6644: Of course, it's all President Trump's fault.

Okay, that guy pulled a hoax, but it's still because of Trump!


I can only think this comment is meant as sarcasm. Mollie Hemingway tweets, "It's very subtle but if you look hard and really study it, you can almost detect a slight difference in how the media cover various politicians."

The reason:
A CNN reporter covering the Kamala Harris campaign ignited a firestorm of criticism this weekend after she tweeted a video of herself helping Harris try on a colorful sequined jacket--with many questioning the reporter's commitment to journalistic objectivity after appearing to pal around with the subject of her reporting.
Fellow travelers have no need for "journalistic ethics" or "objectivity". They're on the same side; further they're not even bothering to hide it any longer.

* * *

So, why did he do it? The racist letter he concocted didn't impress anyone. First time I've seen the letter, made of letters cut from a magazine. Go figure.

Nancy Pelosi quietly deletes her tweet supporting the hoaxster. And HA HA HA HA all you leftist gits who immediately tweeted about it, the joke is on you, isn't it?

Second City Cop says
This would be hilarious if it hadn't cost taxpayers untold tens of thousands of dollars and short-changed investigations of actual one-year-old kids getting shot in the head. That crime hasn't had even a quarter of the manpower assigned that this hoax did.
...which is why filing a false police report (which the third-rate actor did, apparently) is a felony in Illinois.

* * *

Meanwhile, examples of anti-Trump bigotry are legion and need no fakery. They happen all the time.

* * *

Kim du Toit echoes what I said about the shooter in Aurora, IL: why didn't the background check keep him from buying the gun?

What is the point of a law that is unenforced?

* * *

Borepatch runs this every year around this time and it's hard to find fault with his reasoning. Lincoln did not save the United States.

* * *

Tell me what you propose to do about this, then? You don't like the idea of individual citizens being able to buy things like mercury, lye, molar sulfuric acid, or gallium metal, because you think it's "dangerous"?

"I can't see anything wrong with buying any of these!" Excuse me, but who the fuck are you to decide that? Just because you don't have any uses for those items does not mean there are no legitimate reasons for individuals to buy them.

* * *

"Why didn't they do something about the dark energy people?" Heh.

* * *

Well, it snowed last night. It was snowing when I went to bed, and it was still snowing when I got up. Fortunately it was not snowing a lot; we got perhaps two inches if I'm being generous.

We've had a few squalls over the course of the day, but nothing major. Fine with me.

Watched The Incredibles 2 last night and wasn't impressed. Did not think the original was art for the ages, but it told a complete story that did not need a sequel, and this movie was more about capitalizing on the late boom in superhero movies than it was about telling a story that needed telling. For the most part it further was "grrl power Incredibles", choosing to paint Mr. Incredible as a bumbling oaf who does more property damage than good, and Mrs. Incredible--"ElastiGirl"--as the smart, tough, and effective one.

Mr. Incredible couldn't even handle taking care of his kids for two weeks without going to another woman (the one who makes their super-suits) for help. (Of course if the kids actually listened to their father when he told them to do something...but why on Earth would they do that? After all, he's stupid!, right?) Further, of course, Mrs. Incredible herself acted as if Mr. Incredible couldn't even handle making a paycheck let alone manage to tend to the kids.

Overall the movie left me cold; it wasn't as entertaining as the original and the extra "grrl power" horseshit did not help any. It gets a hearty "don't bother" rating on the Fungus-ometer.

* * *

Ah, Monday. Yes, Monday.

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