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#6646: Losing respect for people pretty fast here.

Fast food is supposed to be inexpensive, reasonably tasty, and filling. It is not supposed to be the best thing for you to eat, nor is it supposed to be haute cuisine.

The funny thing is, for the most part--if you are careful--you can eat a perfectly healthy meal from a fast food restaurant. That means foregoing the fries and even the bun, and eating just the meat and cheese, by the way, because the carbohydrates are what are bad for you.

What I can't stand, though, is someone saying that it'll be a net plus for fast food to become more expensive because people shouldn't be eating it. You're not in charge of that, Stalin; in fact, it's none of your fucking business what other people eat.

* * *

Government defaults to "more government", of course.

Step 1: California legalizes pot, with all kinds of taxes and regulations
Step 2: Black market pot remains cheaper than the legal stuff
Step 3: People still prefer the black market stuff because it's cheaper than legal stuff
Step 4: Government steps up "enforcement" on illegal pot in a state where it's now legal

...rather than, y'know, lower the taxes and drive the illegal suppliers out of business.

It'd be funny if it wasn't so idiotic. And typical.

* * *

If you can read this without wanting to scream you are either doped to the gills, or a Democrat.

I suppose that if you consider your "subject" to be not-human, less than human, or "just a clump of cells" (or, if you're Bill Nye, "unliving tissue") then it's pretty easy to cut through a human face to get at the brain behind it. You know, or to harvest a still-beating heart from a human rib cage.

In a sane world, anyone associating themselves with Planned Parenthood would become dangerously radioactive (metaphorically speaking) after this stuff came out. This isn't health care; this is butchery.

Except that we don't treat animals like this. Animal experimentation has very strict rules and policies in place, ethical standards that must be followed in order to ensure that their suffering is minimal. Only human children get treated like trash and hacked up without a second thought.

Once again I am amazed that God is filled with so much forebearance that He hasn't wiped us out.


* * *

Today seems to be my day for outrage, though: Why isn't this illegal? Or at least considered extremely unethical? New IL gov Pritzger is paying staffers out of his own pocket:
Gov. J.B. Pritzker pledged that he would be transparent about using his personal fortune to double the state salaries of his top aides in the governor's office, but the billionaire has yet to release payroll records for those employees.
No, there's absolutely no chance of corruption there! None at all!


* * *

Good gravy. People are not allowed to look at Tom Cruise without permission. Do you know what I think of someone who has that level of arrogance about him?

Top Gun was a shitty movie. I'm not surprised that they're making a sequel to it; remakes, sequels, and superhero movies are all Hollywood does any more and the movies get more and more crappy every year.

Tom Cruise himself is an asshat; I have seen one movie he was in that wasn't a total shitfest--and even then it was only "middlin'". (Oblivion.)

* * *

Fake hate crimes, some 200-odd of them. This is why I thought the third-rate actor was pulling a hoax from the get-go.

Happy Black History Month!

The hubris of the media is unlimited. Which is why so many people are erecting a middle finger at them and saying, "Learn to code, bitch!"

"Perpetrators might not even think of them as [false] accusations since in many cases they see it as an attempt to draw attention to a real problem." You see, even though Trump supporters didn't actually beat him up, it's a real hate crime, because Trump is President.

It is past time for hate crime hoaxes to be considered themselves to be hate crimes.

* * *

"As far as I'm concerned, SLS and Orion are doing their jobs of providing work." There you have it: NASA is just a jobs program.

* * *

Shut up! If you need to buy something new to make it work, then you buy the new thing! You don't complain about it. You know, the same way that you were holding the iPhone 4 wrong, and you need to make regular backups of your computer in case the switch that's welded to the frame breaks.

* * *

What does she mean, "Journalists are now political activists"? They always have been; it's just that in the past, they tried to hide the fact.

* * *

Here's hoping that there are plenty of prosecutions of these asshats after Trump wins in 2020. If Trump does not win in 2020 I do not expect there ever to be another fair election in this country.

* * *

Egad. "It appears that one of the Undercover officers made the whole thing up, lied to the Court to get the warrant, and that this isn't the first time he's done it."

And two innocent citizens are dead because of it.

* * *

Speaking of innocent citizens being dead because of police incompetence or malice, Illinois State Police admits they screwed the pooch giving that guy in Aurora a FOID card. Guy was a convicted felon, but--gasp!--he wasn't deterred by the threat of a perjury charge when he filled out the FOID application. He said "no" where it asks if you've ever been convicted of a felony, which is an automatic disqualification for a FOID card.

Imagine that: a guy with a criminal record not caring about a potential criminal penalty for lying. Why, it's almost as if criminals don't care about the law or something! Clearly, more laws are needed so we can charge these criminals with five or six violations instead of two or three.


* * *

"I have a dark suspicion that we will be treated to a scene in Avengers Endgame where Captain Marvel handily beats the living the shit out of Thanos." God bless America, if they do that I am going to fucking hate that movie.

* * *

Unwanted Blog discovers the pleasures of Little Big and their videos. Heh.

* * *

So: last night I read volume 30 of Kimi ni Todoke which is the last volume in the series. It was a very, very good ending to the series. It included all the elements it needed to include. I was happy with it.

The person who did I"s should take a lesson from how KnT ended. It's too late for that, of course, but still.

* * *

Gotham and Orville continue to impress.

* * *

Just have to remind myself that spring is coming.

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