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#6647: You can't stop stupid.

Media is trying to retcon the whole "third-rate actor perpetrates a hoax" story so they won't look like complete fools for reporting it uncritically, and using it as a springboard to push their preferred narrative. Media figures are claiming that the media reported it "with skepticism", which--of course--they most certainly did not do.

I'm linking that post specifically for the captured tweet:
However you look at it, even if he wasn't attacked by Trump supporters, it's because of Trump that he felt forced to stage this attack on himself because Trump targets blacks and Mexicans so he has been victimized legitmately.
This is a prime example of what passes for thought on the left: Regardless of the reality, it's a legitimate hate crime because Trump.

Yeah. No.

If you think this is a real hate crime and the third-rate actor was legitimately victimized, then who should be punished for it? There are three people involved with the comission of this crime: the actor himself, and the two Nigerian guys. One, some, or all of them are responsible; you cannot charge (say) President Donald Trump with the crime because he was over a thousand miles away. So: which of these men will you charge for the assault, Mr. Leftist? If you have a legitimate victim then there must perforce also be a legitimate victimizer. Who goes to jail?

If you still insist on saying "Trump is guilty!" that merely underscores how intellectually invalid your position is.

Meanwhile the FBI has gotten into the act because the idiot mailed the letter to himself using the US Postal Service, and mailing that kind of threat--even to yourself--is a felony.

And they're talking about indicting the doofus. Which, you know, leads me to my usual conclusion for these kinds of situations: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

UPDATE: The headline at that link now says the third-rate actor is a "suspect" in the "hate crime hoax" and that detectives are presenting evidence to a grand jury in order to secure an indictment. END UPDATE

And Second City Cop observes that the actor's screen time has been cut following all this. Self-fulfilling prophesy, or was the production staff lying when they said they weren't planning to cut his screen time? If in fact they had not been planning to do so, they seem to have decided they would.

In any event I can't imagine this turkey's justified arrest for the hoax being received well by "the black community". I had not realized that it was time for the old "bigtime race riot" thing, but I suppose the "community organizers" must be handing out preprinted signs and stoking the fires of inchoate rage so the Machine can do its usual thing. Since the sitting mayor is not running for re-election I guess it's all fair game at this point, and Chicago has only ever had one black mayor, and I suppose this will satisfy this or that requirement for someone.

* * *

And by the way, while the media was wetting itself in excitement over this story, it was ignoring real hate crimes because they don't fit the narrative.

That's the funny thing: black people, gay people, they have to fake hate crimes against them. But no one has to fake it when there are black people beating up Jewish men solely because they're Jewish--and they're yelling, "Kill the Jew!" as they pummel the guy senseless.

The media don't care about those stories, though. Doesn't fit the narrative, don't you know.

* * *

Speaking of pushing narratives, the media try to make this a thing, when it's really not a thing. "Conservatives" really don't give a rat about Obama's daughters--which is to say, no one cares if they're smoking pot or drinking or nursing sick dolphins back to health. They're not on the radar; they were never on the radar. The media want to make this into something because then they can point to "conservatives" as having "crossed a line".

Obama's no longer in power. His daughters are utterly irrelevant to American politics, exactly as they were when he was still in office.

Ace says:
So now just explain to me why you had so many Concerns about the Bush Twins having a margarita when they were 20 years old.

Oh, and then explain why you're lying about conservatives being "outraged" by Malia Obama drinking wine, while actually pointing to zero point zero conservatives expressing any outrage -- or any feeling whatsoever -- about it.
Exactly. NO ONE CARES.

* * *

Pixy Misa refers to that stupid ZOMG TEH URANIUMS!!!!111 story I talked about yesterday, and blockquotes this correction from the article:
A previous version of this story didn't explain that the proximity to uranium ore described was unlikely to cause health problems, and it referred to uranium instead of uranium ore.
In other words, the article was nothing but scaremongering.

* * *

If you read that sentence, it sounds pretty bad. "Phasing in the minimum wage over the next six years will put $6,300 a year into the pockets of nearly a quarter of our state's workforce," Pritzker said after signing the stupid $15-an-hour minimum wage bill into law, which is going to crush the unskilled labor market, encourage the hiring of illegal aliens, and raise prices.

So, how will we be dividing that $6,300? Will it be paid annually, then? Quarterly? Weekly, it's $122...divided across how many pockets? Oh, I know what he meant to say, but that's not what he did say (and as we all know any politician who misspeaks is not fit for public office. Right?).

This idiocy is going to have exactly the same effect it has had everywhere else it's been tried.
Its workers were the first to stage rallies demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. Then, they pressed for changes in the way national restaurant chains set their work schedules.

Now, they are asking the City Council to shield them from being fired without a valid reason. That protection, the sort of job security that unions usually bargain for, would be a first for a city to provide to workers in a specific industry, labor law experts said.

City Councilman Brad Lander said he planned to introduce a bill on Wednesday that would require fast-food businesses to show "just cause" for firing workers and give them a chance to appeal dismissals through arbitration.
And in case you're not getting the point, "I need to fire you because otherwise I'll go bankrupt" is not considered "just cause" for firing someone.

The true minimum wage is $0. Never forget that. And the higher you make the government-mandated wage, the more unskilled labor you price right out of the labor market.

* * *

Limbaugh lays out the same facts about the NYC-Amazon deal that I laid out. So, two of his phrases fit this situation best: 1) "I am not only ahead of the curve; I am the curve!" and 2) "See, I told you so!"


* * *

RACIST SEXIST MEN ARE BOMBING ROTTEN TOMATOES WITH BAD REVIEWS BECAUSE THEY HAVE SMALL PENISES or some such horseshit; I don't really know, because I don't speak "rabid feminist" all that well:
Though it won't hit theaters for another three weeks, Captain Marvel is already being review bombed on Rotten Tomatoes. These reviews aren't from critics or journalists, but from angry impotent men flooding the audience reviews with their anger. What are they angry about? So many things!
...but apparently this story is a tad premature, considering that Rotten Tomatoes has not yet opened reviews for that particular movie. So, yeah, there are no reviews on that site for that movie from "angry impotent men", or indeed anyone from the general public.

Reporting on a story used to involve getting your facts right. Not so much anymore, I suppose.

* * *

"Little sign of a climate emergency" goes the headline of this piece.

Meanwhile, try doing the math on renewable energy and you see how big of a problem it creates. "Renewable" energy is not a solution.

Look at the blockquoted part. Tokyo has a typhoon at least once per year. With "renewable" energy, you need a storage system capable of supplying 1656 gigawatthours over the course of three days. Your solar cells will not work all that well (typhoons are made of clouds and dump lots of rain) and your windmills will have to be idled, since this is what happens to them if you attempt to operate them in hurricane-force winds:

So, no solar, no wind--and 27 million people who need power. Where do you get it from? Or do you just say, "Piss on them! There are too many people in the world anyway!" Which is not far off from most environmentalist policies anyway, come to think of it.

"...a model is not evidence. A model is a theory. Whether the model is correct or not depends on its consistency with observation." We are told that anthropogenic global warming is real and happening now based on models. "The science is settled!" But the models never agree with observed reality.

* * *

Asset forfeiture is bad law and it should be struck down. It only comes to us via the war on (some) drugs, which has been a useless boondoggle that has only served to support the price of illegal narcotics and make certain criminals very, very rich.

* * *

That is indeed how gun control works. Or doesn't work, as the case may be.

* * *

At least the snow is melting.

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