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#6648: Just stop, you morons. No one is buying it.

Why can't you just admit you fell for it because you desperately wanted it to be true? I think we'd all be happier if you did that.

CNN newsreaders are saying their bosses wanted them to "tap the brakes" on the third-rate actor story. Uh huh. Sure they did. I'm certain there wasn't anyone in the management at CNN who was exulting over this: "Oh, man! We can pin this shit on Trump and it's going to kill his numbers!"

And from the AoSHQ morning report post we have this:
But where is everyone in the Media, the show business self-proclaimed elite and the Democrat politicians - most notably the likes of Cory Booker and Kamala-Toe Harris - who took to the microphones and cameras within seconds of this story initially breaking to denounce Trump, whitey, heterosexuals and America for this heinous act? It's so silent, the friggin' crickets are starting to stare at each other.
They're not about to stand up and say a thing about it. First, because they'd have to acknowledge they were wrong, and second, because they want the idea to remain in peoples' heads.

Still, it's pretty funny to watch them try to walk back their incontinent reporting of this. It occurs to me that exactly the same thing happened in the case of those Catholic boys who were accosted by a professional troublemaker...and at least one of whom is suing various media outlets for quite a lot of money.


* * *

How else to explain it?
So a gay rights magazine supports Iran's homophobic theocracy.
And a Jewish magazine supports an explicit anti-Semite.
Because they hate Trump more than they love their own lifelong causes
Of course they do. Look: those groups are leftist first, and anything else is a distant second to their marxist principles. They're not gay rights groups; they are marxist gay rights groups. Those aren't feminists but marxist feminists.

Understand that, and this horseshit becomes thoroughly comprehensible.

* * *

Second City Cop asks if Pritzker paying people from his own pocket is legal. I guess no one really knows. Huh.

* * *

Speaking of the most boned state in the union, the state is broke, so they'll naturally borrow more money to fix that. I mean, when you're a person and you've borrowed far beyond your means, eventually people stop lending you money. But when you're a government they just charge you a higher interest rate.

Turns out the "progressive" tax can't be voted on before 2020 for some reason, which is encouraging, but I think we all know what's going to happen there.
Thad Calabrese, a professor at New York University, tried to offer a reality check. "There’s going to have to be some actual sacrifice," he said. While Calabrese is dancing around the issue a little, the facts are clear: more debt is simply not going to fix the problem and Illinois simply doesn’t seem to understand that.
...but of course when it comes to "some actual sacrifice" the Illinois government will expect the citizens of the state to tighten their belts and do all the sacrificing while the state government doesn't cut so much as a penny from the annual budget increases.

Let alone, you know, actually reduce spending, so that the following year's budget is smaller than this year's is.

* * *

I agree: let her come home, but then try her for treason. But I can't fault the Trump administration for deciding that no, having renounced the US, she can no longer return to it.

* * *

HA HA HA "Traindoggle" that's great! I wish I'd seen that term before they canceled the stupid thing. Anyway this is about California's "high speed fail to nowhere" that cost millions of dollars for a few miles of construction and ten years' worth of litigation.

* * *

Break dancing is now an Olympic sport. I thought that nonsense went out with the 1980s. Wow.

* * *

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has admitted that there is no impending eco-catastrophe. "No disaster anytime this century," they say.

And a windmill requires more energy to build than it ever generates in its operational lifetime.

* * *

Keep your fingers crossed. The first private spacecraft to go to the Moon--it'd be fantastic if they did it.

* * *

Ye cats. (So to speak.) This line: "Carol's hero moment was very cathartic/true to the female experience, imho." That screams HOLY SHIT DON'T GO SEE THAT MOVIE!!! at me, just about like that.

Well, we already knew that Captain Marvel was going to suck, anyway, but when a (marxist!) feminist lavishes praise on a movie, that's a pretty good indication that anyone with normal tastes is going to find it--at best--dull.

* * *

Kim du Toit lists some overrated bands mentioned by another blogger and I find that I disagree with him on two points.

First, Nirvana was utter crap; never liked them. Second, the Doors are overrated.

Other than that, pretty much spot on.

* * *

Another internet generator, this time the "you died" screens for various games. Like Carmageddon, for example.

This "SimCity 2000" death screem was going to be my comment about this, originally:

...but then on a whim I typed "I'm touching my clitoris RIGHT NOW!" on one screen or another, because it looked funny, and rapidly discovered that when you put that in the text box it makes EVERY LAST DEATH SCREEN 100% hilarious.

I just about busted every gut God gave me at this one:

So, I think I've discovered something fundamental about how games treat players who lose them. Interesting.

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