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#6653: Well, why wouldn't they?

So, about Captain Marvel....

Rotten Tomatoes is no longer showing "want to see" because that movie did so poorly. Which is to say, they've gotten rid of the option to say "not interested" but kept the "want to see" option, which means you'll see how many people want to see the thing but not how many people don't.

Disney is starting to get really nervous about it. It did not help that the star of the movie went out and started spouting all kinds of SJW/NPC stuff. Because--it seems--Captain Marvel (the character) is supposed to play such an integral part in the resolution of Infinity War Disney can't afford to have this movie tank, and they can't delay the release of that Avengers movie to remove Captain Marvel or even just to fix what they did in it with that character.

By now, though, it's bleeding obvious that Captain Marvel is going to be an SJW/NPC shitfest; from the leading actress' comments to the trends at Marvel to the way Hollywood itself has been doing things lately (ie the grrl-pwr Ghostbusters) that writing is pretty clearly on the wall.
How the hell could we not notice? After Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who, certain patterns have become obvious. We can read the smoke signals by now. SJWism is now trying to swarm over the MCU and fill it with two dimensional Mary Sues just like they did in the actual Marvel comics.
My big fear is that Captain Marvel is going to show up in Avengers: Endgame and kick the snot out of Thanos, the big baddie that all of the Avengers combined could not defeat (let alone fight to a draw!), with only token assistance from Tony Stark and whoever else remained alive at the end of the last one. "Look! Captain Marvel beat the tar out of Thanos and made Rodney King look like a sissy! She's way more awesomer than all those male superheroes are!"

I just can't get over the feeling that Captain Marvel is going to be like The Last Jedi, a nonsensical mishmash of stuff that looks good on the screen but makes absolutely no friggin' sense when you really start thinking about it.

* * *

Chicago has virtually no middle class. It now has achieved the socialist ideal: rich people (who donate to politicians) and poor people (who depend on politicians). Both classes rely on government, either to dole out favors in exchange for money, or to dole out loot in exchange for votes. The middle class needs to be eliminated in this model because it doesn't have enough money to fund politicians, but also doesn't need any government help (and, quite frequently, just wants government to leave it alone).

* * *

Looks like Kamala Harris has herself some privilege! Her great-grandmother owned slaves. So let me understand: does she now owe herself reparations for slavery?

* * *

Gee, a socialist is a complete hypocrite. Who could have seen that one coming.

* * *

New York's brush-off of Amazon is causing still more Democrat-on-Democrat criticism. Got to love an issue that gets them at odds with each other.

I have to admit to feeling very schadenfreude-y at New York pissing away $24 billion in potential tax revenue simply because a bare handful of politicians couldn't stomach letting a big corporation have a tax break.

"You don't need to be the State's Budget Director to know that a nine to one return on your investment is a winner," said the state's budget director, Robert Mujica. And it's not even an investment that New York was making; it was simply going to allow Amazon to keep a greater percentage of its income.

Of course that's how this all got started. Democrats like to refer to tax breaks as "investments", as if the money they were foregoing was theirs to begin with. For people like Alexandria Donkey-Teeth, the mental gymnastics required to understand the real meaning of the phrase are impossible, so they--thinking that NYC was simply writing a check for $3 billion to Amazon--stood in the way of the deal.

Also, preventing corporate investment is an excellent way to make sure you crush the middle class out of existence. See above, where I wrote about Chicago.

* * *

More about the scaremongering thing mentioned in prior posts. Steven Den Beste once said he'd rather live next to a ton of uranium 238 for a year than spend a minute next to some very small quantity of Cobalt 60--and I agreed wholeheartedly with his assessment because U238 is an alpha emitter and Co60 is a beta emitter.

One is dangerous. The other is not. One will screw up your day (or cancel it entirely) where the other will simply be a big annoying object.

An alpha particle is a helium nucleus--two protons and two neutrons--and at any reasonable distance from it--say, five feet--you're safe as houses. Any alpha particle that manages to get through the air separating you from the source will quite literally bounce off your skin, completely harmless.

A beta particle is an electron moving at the speed of light in a vacuum. As it blasts through air it emits a pretty blue glow. That glow indicates you are screwed. Beta particles pass easily through the human epidermis and, once captured by an atom, make trouble with living tissue. Enough exposure to it and you get radiation poisoning.

As Denninger notes, the only way alpha emitters can hurt you is if they get inside your skin. Snorting U-238 dust is not a good idea; you'll probably get cancer. But if you've got a bunch of uranium ore sitting in 5-gallon pails, it's not going to hurt anyone.

* * *

Female-to-male transgendered people do not break athletic records. Why do you suppose that is?

* * *

Germany shows us the cost of "renewable" energy. Reduced their carbon emissions by ZERO and doubled the price of electricity. Woohoo!

* * *

That man is a self-hating black man! Obviously no one ever told him that white people are racist because they are white!

* * *

Video on YouTube titled, "When to walk away from a Porsche 911". I haven't watched it; I don't need to, because I already know the answer.

The answer is, "Whenever you don't have the money to buy a new one."

The parts for those cars are fantastically expensive. Even if you do your own work, you will pay out the wazoo for anything that's not a wear part--and even then. If you insist on genuine Porsche parts--forget it.

In 1989 I wanted to replace a fuel injector in my 1974 Volkswagen 412 coupe. The hose connecting the injector to the fuel rail had sprung a leak. The price for one fuel injector--in 1989--was $90.

...because that car used the same fuel injectors as the Porsche 914.

A muffler--for an air-cooled Volkswagen!--was four hundred dollars. Because it would also fit a Porsche 914.

And the 914 wasn't even popular.

The 914 was the bastard stepchild of Porsche and VW, a cute little 4-cylinder car. The engine ended up in VW's Type IV and also in the later versions of the Type II "Bus", because it made more horsepower and torque than the Type I engine it replaced. It was a 1.8 liter engine, fuel injected (Bosch analog fuel injection!) and it was actually a good engine. With 105k on it, the engine in my VW 412 got 27 MPG and had pretty fair-dinkum performance.

(Once, that is to say, I went through the engine compartment and correctly reconnected all the hoses. Prior to that I could either get good fuel economy or good performance, all depending on whether one hose was open to ambient pressure or connected to vacuum. Some idiot had disconnected everything and then put it all back together, wrong.)

Incidentally, that fuel injector leak--I fixed it for $5 using a piece of "high pressure" fuel line and a couple of small hose clamps. The fuel rail in that car ran about 30 PSI, which was well within the 40 PSI limit for the fuel line I bought. It was only $5 because the parts store wouldn't sell me less than a foot of hose ("high pressure" fuel hose was expensive), and the clamps were $1 apiece. Plus tax.

That 412 was weird and stupid and more than a little ugly, but I miss it, even so. It was fun. The weird slightly-bluish-silver color got it dubbed "The Silver Hornet" after Inspector Clouseau's car in Revenge of the Pink Panther.

Given a chance at another one, I'm not sure I'd take it, though. The engine hatch on the fastback model is too small to work with. I think I'd rather have a wagon if I was going to have another 412.

The price of the muffler is why I got rid of the car. The end blew off one of the exhaust manifolds; the only way to get the plate off the muffler was to destroy the muffler, because everything back there was rusted to hell and gone. The end plate for the exhaust manifold could have been welded back onto the manifold, but there was the slight problem of having a muffler to attach to it. Because there was a sizable hole in the driver's side floor, the car wasn't worth spending $400 plus unknown amount for manifold repair. My research into getting repair panels for the car had not yielded any fruit, and at the time Harbor Freight was a distant speck on the horizon. If I wanted to get the body fixed, I was looking at shop rates, and on a college student's typical income? No. Maybe twenty, thirty bucks to fix the manifold--but $400 for a muffler and probably not less than $1000 plus paint to fix the body? No-can-do.

Today, given the car in the condition it was in, I could fix it. I have a welder, I know where to buy sheetmetal, and in fact I could probaby build a decent muffler for the thing to boot. (It would probably not look very pretty, but it would work.) Other than the hole in the driver's side floor, the body was in great shape, with only minor deficiencies. It was utterly reliable, never failed to start, and I never had a lick of trouble with the mechanicals. It was nice and toasty warm in winter, even with the hole in the floor--it had the auxiliary gas-fired heater. I'm just not sure I'd want to, is all.

Well, maybe.

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