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#6654: So, let's not ever cremate anyone

"Here's why you shouldn't cremate radioactive dead people" is the headline of this Arse Technica piece. Well, guess what?

Everyone is radioactive. If you sealed yourself in an underground vault made carefully from purely stable isotopes so that you never, never, ever encountered any radioactivity, you yourself would remain radioactive for centuries because of the Carbon 14 in your body.

This article is scaremongering over trace amounts of medical radionuclides.

So, a guy received a dose of radiotherapy for his pancreatic cancer: "Doctors treated the man with 193.6 mCi of intravenous lutetium Lu 177 dotatate,..." The guy died of an unrelated issue a few days later, and was cremated. After he was cremated, how much radioactivity was found in the creamtory's equipment? "...a 7.5-mR maximum exposure rate per hour on direct contact with the Geiger-Mueller detector."

7.5 millirem per hour on direct contact. 0.0075 mR/hr was the maximum exposure you would get if you were in direct contact with the surfaces the man's cremains had touched. Nothing about if you were six inches, or a foot, or ten feet, from those surfaces--just "direct contact".

Guess what? The only people who are going to spend any real time in "direct contact" with that equipment are already dead and cremated.

They found a "trace" of another theraputic radionuclide in the operator's urine. They don't say how much of a "trace" they found, nor do they say what kind of exposure he likely got from it, and they don't appear even to have an idea as to where it came from. $5 says that the next time he gets a whiff of cigarette smoke, that is a lot more likely to cause health problems for the guy than his exposure to the radionuclide in the corpse.

What a bunch of crap.

Look: we live in a radioactive world. Everything is radioactive to one extent or another. The ground you walk on, the food you eat, the water you drink, everything is radioactive. This is not something that magically occurred after 1945, either; the world has always been radioactive. Humans are made to live in this world. A certain amount of radioactivity is utterly harmless to us, and in fact might actually be beneficial.

The reason we are careful with radioactivity is not because any exposure to it is dangerous. We're constantly exposed to it, all day, every day; and some of the things we do expose us to more of it, like taking airplane flights or living in stone buildings. We typically operate under the "no safe dose" model because we don't have a very good idea of where the safety threshold is. But the reality is that our bodies are able to cope with a certain level of radiation and there must actually be a safe dosage.

* * *

This seems to be all the information available right now. VASIMR, if the claims made for its performance are anything like real, sounds like a near-Godsend for space exploration.

You can't run the thing on solar power, though. If you want to go fast, the joules have to come from somewhere. Nuclear power is the way to go. Fission or--hopefully--fusion.

39 days to Mars--that's an acceleration of bout 0.019 meters per second squared. Not a hell of a lot of thrust, but it lets you get to Pluto in a year (if you don't mind screaming past it at about 600 kilometers a second).

* * *

Democrat lets the mask slip. What she said is how she privately refers to her district. Remember that the Democrat party is the party of the KKK and Jim Crow.

* * *

The Methodist Church has, for the moment, dodged a bullet.
After three days of intense discussions at the General Conference Special Session, 56 percent of the 800 delegates in attendance voted in favor of a proposal by conservatives called Traditional Plan, which upholds the church's stance prohibiting LGBTQ members from being ordained and does not permit same-sex couples to be married.
Hallelujah! We need to stand firm.

Every other church which has liberalized its stances on these things is suffering. When a church starts to do gay marriages and allow LGBTQ ministers and all that stuff, their attendance figures drop, donations drop, and they disappear.

If you believe differently--if you think that the Gospel does not teach what it teaches--then there are a huge number of other denominations which will welcome you with open arms. Believe me: they are legion, and they are desperate for members.

The decision leaves a sizable, vocal opposition, ensuring the exit of many progressive pastors and churches in the largest mainstream Protestant body in the US.

After the final vote, protesters began chanting, "no" and "stop the harm" through the rest of the session until the conference ended over an hour later.
Do not let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

Commentor Servant of the Chief says it best:
Of all the protestants I had not expected the Methodists of all people to make a stand on this. Thank God for the Africans (who'd thought any of us would say that?).

Its the same with the Catholic Church right now, our African and Asian contingents are exploding in numbers and far more traditional, despite all the miniature heresies endemic to converting non-Christian peoples cropping up, the liberal Bishops who want to change teaching can't stand them.
Here's hoping that the Methodist church continues to be Christian.

* * *

Well, this is also a great development! I have been saying for years that "women in combat roles" means women should be eligible for the draft. Why not?

Women serving in the military is a bad idea. If you are going to allow it, they should not be in combat roles, because that is a bad idea. But if you are going to allow that--on the basis that women are just as good as men!--then they must be eligible for the draft exactly as men are.

If you want a right or a privilege, then the responsibilities must come with.

...but just let a war come, and the draft spool up, and just watch how many draft-age women get pregnant before their numbers are up.

You wanted the rights; now you get the responsibilities with them. That's how this works. You don't get to pick and choose what you get.
Some of us aren't holding the line, we're holding our sides while you get your equality, good and hard, just like you bitched, whined, moaned, and pussy-hatted for. Wasn't you? Go bitch at three generations of bull dykes in congress, et al, whom you let do your talking, and voting. Now you'll get to enjoy feeling like men do when the military draft makes them Fate's bitch. Legend has it your gender has some experience with that, so all y'all should take to this like a duck to water. Pisser about how heavy the packs are, huh?
Yes, indeed it is.
Pucker up and kiss the pig you've been applying lipstick to since the 1970s.
You chose your date for this prom, and now you're all about to dance with the partner that brung you to this point: a civilizational death wish.
That about sums it up.

* * *

Venezuela! Where are Danny Glover and Sean Penn now? I guess since their butt-buddy Hugo Chavez kicked the bucket they haven't been as interested in championing the place. Probably, Maduro having incoming food aid burned in front of all the starving people is not helping.

Assholes like Glover and Penn love socialism but are very careful not to expose themselves to its inevitable result.
Venezuela’s legitimate government attempted to drive a few sad trucks of beans into Venezuela from Colombia. To stop them, the Maduro dictatorship welded a couple of containers to the bridge and chained some low-level soldiers to them to try and get them killed and blame the interim President, the Americans, the Colombians; the weather and the sky god and whoever else they can think of. When the trucks of food finally made it through, the Maduro regime burned the food; while the millions of refugees and soldiers (who are also hungry) looked on, in confusion and shock. Let me say that again – they burned the food.
Emphasis his.

* * *

Another take on Bill Maher's condescension.
The jackass Maher, though, is due a half-hearted thanks from us. The nasty little soupçon of insults, condescension, and vicious, hateful contempt he hurled in the Common Man's teeth--the very people, remember, that the socialist Left claims to be so very concerned about and so desperately wishes to save from the horrors of capitalism and liberty--is about as useful an example of what our would-be masters really think of us as can be imagined. Not that we didn't know that already, natch.
The claim is that we don't understand what we're missing, or something like that. These people think that we can't help ourselves.

The reality is that we understand just fine, thank you, and want no f-ing part of it.

* * *

Yep, Illinois is boned.
Pritzker has proposed [a constitutional amendment] to allow Illinois to institute a progressive income tax. That would let him tax the state's wealthy residents more heavily to help finance the enormous bill for government pensions. Pritzker campaigned on instituting a progressive tax code to shore up the state's fiscal condition without burdening middle-class residents, but this is more magical thinking. He points to neighboring states Wisconsin and Missouri, both with progressive income-tax regimes, as models for Illinois. But adopting those states' tax schedules would mean a significant rise in middle-class taxes, and, without any budget cuts, Illinois could make headway only if it imposed stratospheric rates across the board.
Aha! So Pritzker needs a constitutional amendment to give us the shaft, eh?

As mentioned here previously, Pritzker's so-called "progressive" tax scheme would raise middle-class taxes by about $4,000 per year. He's promised that the income tax increases would be offset by making cuts to property taxes, but there's no fucking way in hell property taxes will go down by any $4,000. This is nothing but a scam, a way to raise taxes on Illinois residents.

And we don't get the property tax cuts until and unless the tax scheme is voted in, of course.

The good thing is, the next time Illinois can vote on an amendment is the general election in 2020. That's 21 months away, which gives Pritzker plenty of time to screw up his "I'm not Bruce Rauner!" popularity bump, and it's also plenty of time for people to figure out that this is nothing but a scam to get us to vote away our eminently fair flat tax and replace it with a scheme that will screw everyone in the state out of as much money as possible.

* * *

I hope, someday, to be the subject of one of Larry Correia's book bombs. I will not hold my breath, though.

The one thing I will never do is to send him a copy of my book asking him to "book bomb" it, and for the very reasons he outlines in that post. Mostly, it's because I respect the fact that he's a busy man and his time is valuable. If I am lucky enough to someday be selected for one I'll be extremely grateful--but it's just not something you ask someone to do for you.

* * *

"Donkeys and llamas hate coyotes." Really? Wow. So, if you have a problem with coyotes, just keep a donkey or llama around.

* * *

I always wondered what it looked like when someone threw caution to the wind. Now I know.

* * *

Just saw there's a video on YouTube, "The DON'TS of visiting Chicago". I can sum it up: DON'T GO. It's a shithole. Seriously.

* * *

Anime news: have seen Mayo Chiki through ep 12 and I'm still enjoying it.

Hulu has Fruits Basket and until last night I thought it was only dubbed. Turns out that they have subbed eps, but they don't show up in the search for some reason. When I actually clicked into the series on the computer, though, there they were.

Bought the series as fansubs on DVD at AnimeIowa in 2001, IIRC, but they turned out to be Taiwan-sourced and badly translated. Main character introduces herself as Honda Tohru and the subtitles called her "Pentan Toi", because that's how you read the characters when you're Chinese and not Japanese. I spent $40 to buy the set and never watched but a few minutes of it because the subtitles were so badly mangled.

(The set of Marmalade Boy worked better. Fewer howlers, anyway. The most memorable one was where the correct tranlsation was "Is love like the taste of marmalade on burned toast?" and they translated the line as "Bite out the seared tomato". That was the worst of them.)

...but with Fruits Basket on Hulu, subtitled, I can actually stand to watch it. The first ep, at least, came out well.

I got my first glimpse of the series after getting high-speed internet at home, when I lived in Cedar Rapids and could cruise the Usenet as I pleased. Pulled the first handful of eps down and burned them to Video CD (VCD) at SD quality, couldn't find any more, and jumped at the set at the convention--only to be disappointed. So, this will be nice.

* * *

Plus side, we're now an hour past "hump minute". 19 hours remain in the work week. Hooray!

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