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#6656: You leave that joker alone!

Watching Cops last week with Mrs. Fungus--a guy had a gun in the car and was trying to hand it to a cop. The police all freaked out over the gun; and when the situation was defused the cop the camera crew was following--a black guy--was trying to be all hip and real with the guy they'd pulled over after he spent his pre-stop talk speaking like a classics professor from New England.

"If you have a gun in the car, you leave that joker alone!"

Mrs. Fungus: "I am trying to relate with you, so please just leave that joker alone next time!"
Me: "Indeed, fellow minority, I will demonstrate that I am just like you by employing your slang!"


* * *

But they still got universal background checks, something they have been salivating over for years. All they have to do now is wait until they have a Democrat President, then quietly pass a bill removing the ICE requirement.

Everyone spins this as a huge loss for Democrats, but somehow I'm just not seeing it.

* * *

Socialist doesn't understand what the Berlin Wall was for. The Berlin Wall was meant to keep people from escaping the same political system she wants to enact here. On the plus side, her comparison does end up correctly identifying socialism as a "humanitarian disaster". Stopped clock!

* * *

Most people don't understand how thin profit margins actually are. WalMart barely gets above 2% on its profit margin. So on an item they sell for $100, $2.10 is profit. Their cost on it--wholesale--is $67.

Having worked retail, though, I knew 36% was frickin' lunatic territory. Stores typically price non-sale merchandise at 150% of cost, but the 50% profit on that merchandise gets eaten up in all kinds of expenses. You have to pay for electricity and cashiers and stockers and managers...and stolen merchandise. And half a million other expenses.

Averaged across all industries, then, a profit margin of 7.9% does not surprise me at all.

* * *

Chicago will have a black woman mayor. First time it's had a black mayor since Harold Washington. The runoff will determine which of the two women will be mayor, Preckwinkle or Lightfoot.

Whoopie-ding. And indicted Alderman Ed Burke got re-elected, because Machine. Of course.

* * *

Illegal alien beat his newborn son so badly he's not expected to live. Two weeks old, and this animal beat him to death.

See, now, if he'd instead made the baby comfortable and otherwise neglected him, and lived in Virginia, there'd be no problem. He had to go and do this in Texas, though.

* * *

Speaking of infanticide:

"Planned Parenthood wasn't just providing a service for women. They were profiting off the sale of aborted babies." He further notes that leftists regard Walmart and Amazon as evil for earning profits, but not Planned Parenthood.

Gee, hypocritical leftists. Will wonders never cease.

Out of thirty attempts at abortion, one baby survives. At least, until it's born, at which point it is allowed to expire.

Like the writer of the first article, I used to be pro-choice. Then I got a good look at what the abortion industry is really like; and that shit can't be unseen. The left's attempts to legalize infanticide past the moment of birth have only further cemented my opinion that it's nothing but murder.

* * *

I would not move to California at all. Their tax policies are attempting to drive the highest income earners out of the state, their major cities are approximating third-world shitholes, and everything else is a royal mess. No thank you.

* * *

Bucharest has faster internet than most of the United States. You know why? Because Romania doesn't have the friggin' FCC, that's why.

* * * FNN. I will not believe that Trump's efforts in North Korea are meant to "distract" us from anything until and unless all you commies admit that the military action in Kosovo and Serbia in 1993 were to distract us from the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

* * *

It is not "trans-phobia" to recognize that men who are trying to be women are, biologically, men and will perform athletically as men do, not as women do.

* * *

If the left gets its wish and there's a civil war, it is not likely to end well for them. Understand that the amount of privately-owned guns means there's a firearm for every man, woman, and child in the US. People who like guns and want to keep them are much more likely to own several kinds of weapons than the people who want to ban them. We've previously discussed why the US military cannot use weapons of mass destruction to quell any kind of insurgency; and there's still a pretty good bet that the police and large chunks of the military would not go along with any plan to crush a rebellion against socialist overreach.

* * *

As for me, bit of a rough day today. Think I'll go to bed after work is over. And after I wash the dishes and take out the trash.

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