atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6659: Incidentally....

I really want to talk about last Thursday's ep of Orville, but any meaningful discussion I could possibly have would be so chock-full of spoilers it would be radioactive.

I will say this much: awesome space battle is awesome. It was all CGI, of course, and that stuff gets cheaper every year, but they still must've spent a pretty penny on it. No wonder the last few eps prior to the "Identity" couple were "bottle" shows, without much in the way of exterior or CGI shots.

This whole thing with the Kalon and their pending entry into the Union--and how it all works out--would make for a really interesting essay, but (again) too many spoilers for my taste.

So we'll instead talk about a completely different situation where a race of robots calling itself the "Raylon" are considering entry into the--

No. Heh.

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