atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6567: Rumors of its death have been exaggerated.

Curiosity is back in action.

Heh. People wrote the thing off, but they shouldn't have. It takes more than a dust storm and a low battery to stop Curiosity!

* * *

And this was worth a chuckle.

* * *

Just remember something: when the solar panels are covered in ice and snow and the bitter cold air has frozen the oil in the windmills' gearboxes, nuclear power works.

One nuclear power plant--one--can generate enough power to satisfy Seattle's regular electricity demand.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I watched Forbidden Planet this evening. Holy crap is that a good movie.

* * *

ADDENDUM: Last night, on Faceboob, I saw an ad in their marketplace for a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. It was basically the Jeep Cherokee I have, one year newer, and in a lot better shape. A lot less wear and tear, half the mileage. White exterior, grey interior. Looked great to me.

Asking price: $6,500. Uh...a bit overpriced. Depending on rust, though, might be a good investment if you don't want to have a vehicle with all the excessive computer crap in it. The I6 engines in those things just go.

It sure looked like it was in good shape, though. *sigh*

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