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#6568: Give me a BREAK!

So--last night I finished watching Shimoneta and another ep of Fruits Basket and decided I'd do a little reading. I wanted to listen to Kansas' Masque as I did, figuring it'd make a great timer: when the music was over, it was bedtime. Simple.

First thought: I was reading on my tablet, so I'd search for the album name on YouTube and let it play in the background. Every other time I have not deliberately closed a video on that tablet, it would keep playing even if I returned to the home page on the thing.

First it wanted me to use the YouTube app; I agreed but then it said "upgrade app" and would not let me do anything else, so I went back to Chrome. Found a playlist, ran it--that one's not in order, try another; ah, that's good. Play that one. Now to switch over to the reader--

Nope! Instant I went to home page, browser stopped playing video.

Okay, so I have to use the app. Fine. Let's take a few minutes to update that. Well, Play Store just says "open"--I tried that way three times and each time it led to the same screen I got before, "you must upgrade, peon!"--so did it thru Chrome, and that let me upgrade. Okay! Finished! Now let's use the app--

I told you, you must upgrade, peon! Bend over that barrel!


Fine. Gave up on doing it all on one device; I went to the CD rack in the living room and got the physical CD. Stuck that into the Playstation and plugged my headphones into the controller. It's neat how the base unit can transmit sound to the controller, and you can plug the headphones in, and not bother anybody.

Nothing. No option to play the disk. Thinking it was because it was a CD, I downloaded a media player app for the Playstation. Still nothing. Ejected the disk and reinserted it: "DISK NOT RECOGNIZED".

Gave up on listening to the music while reading.

I do have a portable CD player somewhere, but I'm not sure where it is because I rarely use it. It's only useful in those limited circumstances where it's late, I want to listen to music, and the music isn't already available elsewhere. I was not taking the time to rip the CD then, so I just sat and read in silence like I normally do when reading in the wee hours of the morning.

You see, this kind of stupid crap is why I oppose the RIAA and all of their copy-protection horseshit. Imagine what it would be like if I needed a specific device to play the CD and couldn't just pop it into my computer to rip it to MP3. And, further, imagine that the device was no longer being manufactured, as is the case with my laserdisks. I should be able to convert between formats entirely unhindered.

Luckily, the RIAA didn't win on MP3s.

* * *

If the Democrat party did not rely on the black vote, they would still be the party of Jim Crow. Overtly, I mean, not covertly as they are now.

Hey, Democrats! KKK Grand Wizard David Duke is on your side. He loves your newest anti-semitic Representative; he's saying she's the "most important member of Congress".

* * *

This is stuff that only a technologically advanced society (read: Western culture) can do: produce a strain of rice that generates the precursor to Vitamin A, so without any additional effort or expense we can prevent more than a million deaths and blindnesses each year.

Sounds like a no-brainer...right! But the arguments against it began almost immediately, and ran the table of Leftist crap. It took 25 years to develop, and the pushback was psychotic, because the arguments were mostly theoretical, but people...MILLIONS OF PEOPLE...were dying and going blind because of Vitamin A deficiency.

Too bad the left didn't feed all of those omelets they were making with those broken eggs to the folks who were dying...

Golden Rice is coming. Finally! Will it be the game-changer hinted at for almost 20 years?
The thing that concerns me most about leftism is its howling hunger for the deaths of millions of people. Whenever I see some technological advance that will benefit Mankind being opposed, I never see that opposition coming from the right. It always--ALWAYS--ALWAYS--comes from the left.

The left opposes anything that will make people healthier, happier, more comfortable, or improves their lives in any way whatsoever. It opposes it based on whatever reasoning is most convenient without regard for the suffering that would be alleviated. The left agitates for things that will decrease the quality of life, that will make life harder, that will result in misery and suffering.

The left doesn't oppose "golden rice" because it's a GMO food or any of the other things; it opposes it because it would improve peoples' lives. Anything that saves lives is anathema to leftism. Anything that allows a group of people to lift themselves from poverty must be crushed. Anything that prevents disease is to be strictly controlled so that the wrong people don't get it.

That's the reality of leftism. If it were not, if leftism were actually about improving peoples' lives and fighting for the little guy, they would not do the things they do because they fail every time they're tried. They would look at their results and say, "This isn't working. What else can we try?" But they don't; when they fail, they double down on it. They repeat their failures as many times as possible and claim, "Well, it wasn't done by the right people." They insist that the failures happen because of a lack of funding, or too narrow a scope, or interference from their enemies. Never because their ideas are fucking impossible.

ALWAYS. Without fail, turning a blind eye to its previous failures, because the suffering is the whole point.

* * *

And, I say again, ignoring its own past. The Representative from mohammed-(D) is naturally an anti-semite, because islamic savage, and the Democrats have determined that muslims are more important to them than anyone else. That makes sense considering that islam is everything a totalitarian wants in a religion.

So: the Democratic whip is saying that things from which we are "generations removed" are unimportant compared to the experiences of modern people.

* * *

Police really hate it when they don't have a monopoly on violence. I used to have a lot more respect for police than I do these days.

* * *

There are exceptions, of course. Second City Cop, for example. I agree, that's not a "mistake". A "mistake" is putting too much garlic powder in your BBQ rub, or forgetting to put a new roll of toilet paper on the hanger.

Running from police while carrying an illegal firearm? Not a mistake.

* * *

I just want to quote one thing from this article on how fragile the Earth is not:
Geophysicists estimate that just three volcanic eruptions--Indonesia (1883), Alaska (1912) and Iceland (1947)--spewed more carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere than all of mankind's activities during our entire history.
The CO2 concentration is just a number and Man's contribution to it is dwarfed by the natural sources.

Luckily, the heat that can be absorbed by CO2 is finite, and reaches a point of "diminishing returns" far below current levels. Above about 200 ppm, CO2 basically stops mattering. You can get more warming by adding CO2, but you need to add a lot of it--to the point of making the atmosphere actively poisonous to us--in order to see a significant increase in global temperature.

The thermal balance of the ecosphere is not fragile; there is a great deal of negative feedback built into it, keeping it relatively stable. This is demonstrated by the fact that there is no evidence of "runaway global warming" in the geological record.

Earth's climate is bistable; the planet is basically an ice world with occasional warm periods. Warming is not what we should be afraid of, and it's not something we can cause. Cooling is what we need to worry about.

* * *

I agree: get out the popcorn; this should be good. It's interesting to hear Pelosi's grip on the House described as "tenuous".

* * *

Well--it's now lunchtime on Thursday, and after that I've got three hours left. Then Friday--and finally it'll be the weekend. Hopefully it'll be an enjoyable time.

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