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#6570: AHHH HA HA HA HA HA -ulk-

1:30 for what that title sounds like:

We start with Captain Marvel.

Rotten Tomatoes reportedly deleted something like 54,000 bad reviews of the stinkeroo--some 93 percent of them!--and managed to raise its public rating from 33% good to 36% good.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, that means that Rotten Tomatoes is pretty much useless as a guide to what movies are good. If you're removing effectively all of the reviews of a movie, because you don't like what they say, then you're not an independent reviewer. You're nothing but a shill.

Expect their revenue to decline sharply, now, as people stop visiting the site.

* * *

If you just remember that the story was originally set smack dab in the middle of North America you'll be fine. Battle Angel Alita (BAA) is not really my cup of tea. Read the first volume of manga, never really cared to see the anime based entirely on that.

There are a lot of cyborg dystopias in anime. Bubblegum Crisis, Ghost in the Shell, AD Police--and more, and more. They range from grim and gritty like those series, to light, like Eat Man. Mostly they're just bad people doing bad things, sometimes for good reasons, and they never really appealed to me. BAA is the same. So, BAA the movie will be available on pay-per-view sooner or later, and that's probably when I'll see it.

...but given a choice between BAA and Captain Marvel, I'd see BAA hands down.

* * *

This really is a good description of playing D&D in business-speak. That's exactly how it is.

I would just hate having to answer questions about it in an interview, is all....

* * *

Cold, blustery, rainy today. It's got me thinking about AV, because part of the story I'm trying to write now takes place on a set of worlds which are collectively chilly, blustery, and rainy. Permanent November. Or today.

That got me to thinking about this web site, which I use to find out how far it is between the various colonies in my universe. It takes the Earth-centric spherical coordinates favored by astronomers (where in the sky, and how far distant from Earth) for each of the two stars and then finds the actual distance between them. It does require rather a lot of referring, cutting, and pasting to use.

I thought to myself, "The math is all laid out there. Why couldn't I write a program to do that for me?"

A) there's the web site, so why bother; B) the only programming languages I own are for DOS and 25 years obsolete; C) the only improvements I could make would be in the input stage; D) none of my programs ever work quite right.

Oh, and E) feature creep would set in. I would find a stellar catalog I could use, then try to set the program up to parse entries in it for their spherical coordinates and translate them into Cartesian etc so I could just select the stars from the catalog. That, or else I would have a data file that the spherical coordinates of stars were saved to, and could then select from that list or "add new star".

Next thing you know I've got this bloatware project which doesn't quite run right. *sigh*

It doesn't sound like a complicated project, but believe me--once I start on these things, that's approximately how it goes. I'm not a programmer. I can hack around in C+ and Pascal, enough to have passed my programming classes, but my code is crap and I know it. (And BASIC is right out.)

Anyway, all of this came up because in AV, aliens had previously gone into hyperspace from the site of the Great Space War Fizzle, bound for a human colony world out on the rim, and I was wondering if they had had time to get there yet. Because if they had, that was a good place to pick up the story.

Thinking about it now, though, I don't want to do that. Need to leave something for $Release_Candidate_One, and the only thing I could do with the aliens is to spoil all the stuff that comes up in that story. Oh well.

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