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#6572: I can't keep using it though

Refer to the YouTube video posted here and go to 1:30 in the video for my reaction to today's headlining item.

Because political capital is finite and she knows she would LOSE. If Pelosi thought she could make any hay whatsoever out of impeaching the President, she'd already be doing it.

* * *

Not having an illness in your first year of life is a risk factor for leukemia. This is a serious, major-league breakthrough in preventing that disease.

* * *

Socialism is doing what it does best, which is to spread misery and poverty.

* * *

Democrat pedophile somehow morphs into a Trump scandal. Media, in lockstep as usual, is referring to the pervert as a "friend of Trump", apparently because one time he went to a Trump club a few times, until Trump had him banned because the perv propositioned an underaged girl.

Bill Clinton actually rode the pervert's "Lolita Express"--many times--but they don't refer to him as a "Friend of the Clintons", now do they?

* * *

This article is so chock-full of gobbledygook I can't even.
It is widely believed, says Crane, that every black hole produces a new baby universe on the other side of its singularity. If this is true, ABH technology will involve the creation process of universes. A society that decided to build the laser and other machinery to implement the ABH proposal would have to allocate resources comparable to building the pyramids over a timescale comparable to building the cathedrals. The work would have its fruition long after the initial builders’ lifespans.

The builders would understand their work as part of the eternal recreation of the universe, having purpose in the sense that the organs of animals develop purpose as the result of an evolutionary process. Their entire lives would have a higher purpose in that they result in the creation of new universes and new life, as well as spreading their descendants throughout the universe. It would also imply that our own universe is fine tuned because it is the result of the activity of earlier intelligence.
Now STOP RIGHT THERE, Einstein. "It is widely believed that every black hole produces a new baby universe on the other side of its singularity." No it isn't.

But that's just the first problem with this article.

"A starship could be constructed using the Hawking radiation from an artificial nanoscopic black hole." WAT

"The construction of a starship...involves technical problems, such as...finding a way to reflect gamma radiation for which current technology has no solution." If you're using a gamma ray telescope to observe these starships, you've already solved that problem. (Hint: we have gamma ray telescopes.)

This article is a load of crap, poorly written, and ludicrous.

* * *

Simply astounding. As accurate as it can be, a scale model of Rome in its heyday.

That first picture--I recognize the Colosseum on the right; is that the Circus Maximus on the left? (Wikipedia says yes. Hey, look at how educated I is!)

* * *

I like this. The suggestion is that white men adopt islam:
I suggest that we take the tenets of Mohammed's faith exactly as seriously as the Liberals take the tenets of theirs--as an all-purpose virtue scam and get-out-of-responsibility-free card. Change your name to Achmed Raheem al Shabazz, slap a kufi on your bean, and feel free to tell gays, Jews, trannies, and feminists to fuck right off. And if someone catches you noshing a bacon-and-whiskey sandwich on Friday night when you should be banging your head on the floor at the mosque, well, you still take Shari'a at least as seriously as Al Gore does climate change.
Right there, that's some prime satire. Or an honestly modest proposal.

* * *

Imagine if your phone company policed your speech the way Twitter and Facebook do.

* * *

It's been a pretty busy day here in the bunker. Work-from-home doesn't mean sitting here playing WoW all the time, after all; it means handling emails and calls from people who need help cudgeling their junk into working correctly. And that's what I do: I beat junk until it works!

...wait, that didn't come out right.

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