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#6574: American Gods is back, with a surprise

A surprise, I might add, that's not a spoiler.

The first episode is named "The House on the Rock", and part of it takes place at that very Wisconsin tourist attraction, which is damned cool.

Because Mrs. Fungus and I were there in November, which is a mere four months ago, I could remember seeing all the things they showed on the program, all the places that were used as backdrops for the characters.

It was pretty cool, and weird, to see a place we've been so prominently featured on a TV show. Not just the House on the Rock, either, but some other things, too, that we saw while we were in the area.

* * *

Over the past couple of weeks I've been trying to fix my father-in-law's laptop.

It's a Gateway laptop, a year newer than my Dell. The right-hand hinge was broken--it had torn right out of the screen bezel--and Dad had just lived with it.

Anyway, a week or two ago I went downstairs and tore it apart, trying to see what needed to be done. I got it apart one night; a few nights later I epoxied the hinge bracket to the upper lid, where it should have been but no longer was. Once it had cured, a few days later, I put the screen back into its mounts, and stalled at getting that corner screwed in: the screw had torn out of the screen mount and it had been bent out of shape. What I finally realized I could do was to make a washer from a piece of aluminum can; I did exactly that and put it all back together. But the bezel wouldn't stay together in that corner, so I epoxied it together.

Tonight I completed reassembly. The hinge looks and works as if it had never been broken--I did adjust the tension on it so it won't flex the plastic there as much--and I plugged it in and turned it on with the usual trepidation.

It booted up fine; in fact, it resumed rather than booted, popped right back into the middle of the video Dad had been watching the last time he used the computer. It hadn't lost the date or time, either, despite having sat in our basement for two years.

Now I'm reinstalling Windows 7 on it, because Dad always had a problem with getting viruses and junkware on his computers. But it's fixed, 100%, and is usable again.

Well, I say "100%" but there are some things I couldn't do anything about. The microphone for the webcam--the cable for that got broken, because the hinge was; ditto for one of the WiFi antenna cables--and these are tiny coaxial wires that you just can't solder back together, so I removed them. Despite that, the WiFi seems to work fine on the one antenna.

Intel SU1400 processor: two cores, 1300 MHz. 8 GB of RAM. It's no powerhouse but it'll run Office or the equivalent, and it'll play video just fine, too. I may end up using the memory somewhere else, or may not, depending on what comes down the pike. In all probability I can get a medium-sized SSD for it for not a lot of money and replace the HDD with it, and get a good performance boost that way.

Not a bad computer for what I have invested in it, anyway, which is mostly time, and materials I had on hand.

* * *

Took a gander at this one YouTube channel, Chud 327, which I look at because he got a sand rail and fixed it up, and occasionally does videos about it. Today I was pleased to see that he'd done another sand rail video, until I saw what happened in the video.

He traded it. For an incomplete V8 Beetle project.

He takes it out for a drive, then shows the Beetle rolling off the trailer, and then the sand rail is on the trailer, and then it's driving away on the trailer. NOooooo.

The Beetle doesn't have steering or brakes or a firewall. Its electrical system is a tangled mass of wires. I mean what are you doing you have a sand rail! He traded it for a Beetle which has had an American V8 put in it, along with the appropriate drivetrain, frame and suspension components etc. Basically a Beetle body shell on the (shortened) frame of an American car. Whyyyyyyy?

The guy originally paid something like $200 for the sand rail; it was a rolling chassis with a few other parts included like seats, transmission, etc. He got an engine for it and finished it, installing everything and making it street legal. That's, like, my dream, right there, to get an unfinished sand rail for not a lot of money and build it. You know?

Well, some people like to build more than they like to drive, I suppose. Oh well.

* * *

Some new WoW updates went live today, including the new player races--Kul Tiran (human) on Alliance side, and Zandalari (trolls) on Horde.

The Kul Tiran race is the "new" human models that some folks lost their crap over some months before Battle for Azeroth was released, claiming that Blizzard was turning the human female characters into Tumblrina-type fatties because feminism. But they come with a scant handful of neat racial bonuses (as do the Zandalari) and I'm looking forward to unlocking them.

* * *

It was nice outside today, a bit above 50. I experienced the warm afternoon weather for two whole minutes while I was on break.

* * *

Well, the install of Win 7 Pro is just about finished. I'd better hit the hay.

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