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#6575: They for damn sure ought to

"NASA to consider use of private rockets for first Orion lunar mission". Considering that NASA's ability to launch anything comes from the private sector--their manned rocket is years behind schedule and far over budget--they ought to do a lot more than just "consider" it.

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The Rotten Chestnuts take on that college scandal. "Mmmmmm.... Aunt Becky. Yes, I'll wait. Has everybody gotten that out of their systems?" I guess that was her role in that sitcom. I never watched that show; my introduction to Lori Loughlin came via Secret Admirer, which is an old favorite of mine. She was never really at the "Mmmmmm..." stage with me, either, though I do have to admit she's always had nice "Breck Girl" hair.

Any-dang-way, this scandal:
In other words, we Normals think, if you're Lori Loughlin and you want your kid to go to Ivy League Tech, you simply call up the Dean of Admissions and do lunch, where over free-range arugula he'll tell you that the college could really use a few new chairs for the cafeteria.... or that the theater department could really use an Aunt Becky Chair in Applied Aromatherapy, depending on just how bad the kid's SAT scores really are. There's no need to fly in a "test proctor" from Tampa, or photoshop your kid punting a football, or any of the other idiotic shit the "Key Worldwide Foundation" (what, was "Acme Import/Export" taken?) actually did.
Traditionally, that's pretty much how it worked. ("Aunt Becky Chair in Applied Aromatherapy" *snerk*.) You didn't have the Dean of Admissions--say, a Dr. Brian R. Martin--laying out a price list, nor did the concerned parent sit down and say, "Dean Martin, my kid's an idiot. What'll it cost me to get him a seat in this place?"

(I went too far for that joke. Waaaayyy too far. Just as far as Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School.)

...but neither did the concerned parent hire a company to slip Dean Martin a check under the table.

* * *

Combining boys' and girls' sports, with the results any rational person would expect.
apparently the girls are quitting cause they lose by an average of 50 points every game and end up bruised and injured cause the boys play too physical
Because biology is a fact, it is not open to interpretation, and it makes a difference.

* * *

For political reasons, for SJW/NPC reasons, not because that's the best choice. Stupid.

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The way to deal with warmistas is apparently to publicize their hypocrisy because people generally pay attention to that stuff, and don't listen to people who say one thing but do the opposite.

Sick Bern, bro!


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Nice little story by Francis Porretto. Incidentally, one of the markers of the best SF is when you learn something real by reading it.

* * *

EPA shenanigans of course. Government is corruption. I'm not an anarchist, but I still believe that. The Founding Fathers did too, which is why they tried to construct one that governed as little as possible.

* * *

As soon as you show me the evidence that you were personally a slave, I'll be happy to, sweetie. Although I will deduct necessary expenses, you know, such as your fee that you owe us for being born in the freest and most prosperous nation on Earth. Certainly a lot more free and prosperous than your ancestors' homeland. Oh! And there's a "Civil War" surcharge, too--620,000 people were killed, mostly white men, in the war commonly believed that was fought to end slavery in the US.

Finally, we need to consider the "beneficiary of western civilization" charge. That's the one you owe us for culturally appropriating the inventions of white men, things like antibiotics, air conditioning, powered transport, vaccines, cell phones, electricity....

Oh, dear. I do apologize, but it seems you actually owe us a rather significant amount. Will that be cash or check?

ADDENDUM: By the way there are a lot of problems with reparations anyway. Like?
On the first issue — who is actually "black"?

Shall we use the Elizabeth Warren standard of 1/1024? Universal DNA testing would have more corrupt outcomes than a South Florida election.

Shall we use the Rachel Dolezal standard of "identifying" as black? When freebies are at stake, a lot of identifying would be going on.

Shall we just go with skin color? I don't think so. The capturing and sale of native African populations was largely a west African phenomenon. Would our large Somali population share in the largesse? They did not come through the slave ship route and do not share the slave ancestry story that Ms. Figaro presumably has.


Where do Caribbean blacks fall on the scale of reparations worthiness? Some Italian-Americans with a good suntan are darker than they are. What about Indians (from India), some of whom are quite dark?
Big problems, easily obviated just by presenting the counter-bill I mentioned.

And, by the way:
Ms. Figaro should contemplate the Holocaust-survivors who refused reparations because they did not want to monetize their suffering or cheapen their dignity.
The people who want reparations are people who have been trained by leftists to have their hands out 24/7, "gimme gimme gimme", in exchange for reliably voting the leftists into power. Holocaust survivors have more shame than modern-day recipients of the left's spoils system.


* * *

Another suspicious death associated with the Clintons. Wow, what a surprise.

* * *

By the way, the word is spelled T-H-I-C-K. There is no word in the English language spelled T-H-I-C-C. If you mean "thick" it's THICK. This is not that f-ing complicated.

* * *

Kevin Smith looks like he became a wino or a drug addict or an AIDS patient:

He certainly is now far too old to wear that backwards cap. Let it go, dude.

I was never a fan of those movies, but enough is enough.

* * *

I desperately wanted to take today off, but instead here I am working. Well, not this instant, mind you, because I'm waiting for a call to come in, but I am at work even if--

You know what? Never mind.

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