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#6576: This is exactly what I'd expect.

I stopped watching Star Trek: Voyager after seeing ep 1 of season 4, where they introduced 7 of 9. I just lost all interest in the show. Jeri Ryan's artificially low voice and her monotonic acting were the final straws; I had been greatly dissatisfied with the show well before then.

ST:V was terrible. It already had a surfeit of annoying characters, from B'Elanna Torres to space-hedgehog Neelix to Tuvix.

I was trying to find the classic shit episode here where the state-of-the-art Voyager is brought low by cheese but I could not find it. However, looking over the synopses of the episodes, I find that holy crap were those stories terrible:
The crew enter a nebula to collect samples before realizing it is a living organism, but not before injuring it.

A group of humans from the 1930s are found in stasis on a seemingly abandoned planet, including the lost Amelia Earhart.

Space-dwelling life-forms cause Kes to enter the Ocampan fertile phase called Elogium, putting pressure on her relationship with Neelix when she wants to have his child.

Tuvok crash-lands on a moon and finds children who have been abandoned.

B'Elanna experiences vivid dreams.

The Doctor creates a family on the holodeck.
And on, and on.

Anyway, all that puts this video in perspective:

The video shows how many photon torpedoes Voyager expends: 123. How many does Voyager have at the beginning of the series? 38. How many can they make while trapped in the Delta Quadrant?


It's explicitly stated that they cannot replace them once they are expended. That means they can't just whip up a fresh batch in the replicators. There's no convenient Federation resupply depots out that way, either, and there's apparently no Delta Quadrant equivalent they can use.

So...where did the extra 85 torpedoes come from?

This isn't a little mistake, either. It's not like they mysteriously found a couple of extras; they fired more than three times their stated number of torpedoes. That's like getting 600 miles out of a gas tank that normally takes you 200. I could let them slide for having fired 45, or even 50 torpedos, sure--but not more than a hundred. Crimony.

You'd think someone would have kept track of that. You know? Maybe someone in the Continuity department should have paid better attention. If you're going to have a program where a starship must get home from a long way away and you're going to put limits on supplies in order to increase tension, then you must put someone in charge of rationing those supplies. "C'mon, Bill, I need a full spread of torpedoes here!" "We've got 23 left, John. No." "Please! Okay, just one!" "No. We have four scheduled for the next season and I can't spare any."

Either learn to use phasers, or find a way to manufacture the things--but don't just ignore it and let them use 85 torpedoes they don't have.

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