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#6580: Insanity

Why does the thermostat need to be GPS-enabled? Do you expect it to move? Which is to say, do you expect it to move far enough that you need to be able to track its location? "Holy crap, where'd the thermostat go this time? WTF, why is it in Guam?"

Generally speaking, once you install a thermostat in your home, it's pretty well stationary, and if it does move, you know about it, unless you are the most oblivious person in the universe.

I can get (sort of) the desire to have a thermostat you can reprogram remotely, with a cell phone app, but all the reasons that occur to me for a thermostat to be "GPS-enabled" range from the barely useful to the outright ridiculous.

The one "barely useful" bit is a thermostat to which your phone reports its location. When the thermostat sees that the phone is getting close to home, it begins to heat or cool the house based on how you've set it (maybe you set the thermostat to 80 when you're not home in summer, for example, but like it at 76 when you are). But in that case the thermostat isn't "GPS-enabled"; it merely uses GPS information transmitted by your phone to set itself to the preferred temperature.

Generally speaking, "smart" devices are a bad idea, because security is always an afterthought and you end up leaving all kinds of open ports into your home network for hackers to take advantage of.

* * *

I saw a blurb on Faceboob about "kids" taking part in an "international day of protest":

This is, in fact, their teachers pushing them to stand up for international communism in the guise of environmentalism.

* * *

As eager as I am for something like this, at $20 for the "digital" edition, I'd like to see more than just the cover, please. My caution comes from long and weary experience. It turns out that if you look at the page for the $40 hardcover edition there are sample pages, and this one best tells the tale:

Gadzooks. It's BLOODY AWFUL. It's horrifyingly bad. I mean, it's well into "oh my God" territory. That one page is enough to convince me.

First off: the character design for Peewee is all wrong. Second, the Mother Thing is all wrong. Third, the design of the Mother Thing's ship is all wrong. I'm not even talking about personal interpretations, here, but what Heinlein himself described in the text of the story.

Heinlein never mentioned Peewee having gaps in her teeth (from losing baby teeth) and at that point in the story, Peewee's human-made space suit is gone; she's got one of Vegan manufacture that looks like silvery tights. Madame Pompadour (Peewee's doll) is human, not a weird alien with blue skin and three eyes. The Mother Thing's ship looked like an "old-fashioned beehive", not a flying saucer; it had no windows and the three of them could barely fit in it. The Mother Thing is described as "unearthly", looking more like a lemur than a human; certainly she's not anthropoid as depicted in this nonsense--and what's with the rabbit ears?

THis is a lot closer:

The other pages are just as bad. First page shows Kip sitting on a billboard in the space suit, making a recording into its on-board computer, which talks. Apparently "Oscar" isn't a figment of his imagination here but an AI built into the suit, which makes me stand up and yell OKAY HOLD IT RIGHT THERE THIS IS NOT THE DAMNED STORY AT ALL.

Is that thing on the cover supposed to be Wormface? Who had only two eyes on the front of his head, not SIX?

The page set on the landing platform on Lanador, where Kip and Peewee look at the "three galaxies" from inside the Lesser Magellenic Cloud--the artist apparently thinks all galaxies are spiral galaxies and further shows all three of them, so I'm guessing that in this version, Lanador isn't inside the LMC at all but somewhere where it can see both MCs and the Milky Way. Wrong, though.

I'm not even going to dignify the panel showing Peewee's mother talking about "alien parasites" and Dr. Reisfeld looking like a Mexican plumber.

On the plus side, seeing all that just saved me $20, so I've got that going for me, I suppose. *sigh*

* * *

What socialism actually means, every time it's tried. People starving, people dying by the millions. Mass graves. No freedom of any kind. That is what socialism means.

* * *

Well, at least it's Friday. We've got that much going for us, I suppose.

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