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#6581: "Becoming"? You haven't been paying attention.

The text blockquoted by Vox Day starts thus:
First the good news: We are shocked by the actions of these parents precisely because there is so little corruption in America. If the problems were as systemic as some on the Internet believe, they would hardly raise such an outcry.
While I will agree that corruption is not as prevalent here as it is in other places, let me assure you that "so little" is not the phrase that describes it. There is plenty of corruption here; it occurs wholesale and all the time, without cease. For the most part, corruption here is hidden, cloaked, masked; there is a veneer of integrity over it, veiling it from immediate sight. Not because the corrupt are afraid of legal consequences, but because it would look bad.

They exempt themselves from rules and codes, and they get away with it unless the general public learns of how deep the rot goes--at which point they are punished, usually temporarily.

Six months ago James Gunn was taken off Guardians of the Galaxy III because "...The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James' Twitter feed are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio's values,..." But now he's got his job back. It looks as though Disney was slow-boating the search for his replacement in order to let things settle down a bit before resuming business as usual. So, apparently, the "offensive attitudes and statements" were only inconsistent with their "values" until the storm had blown over.

The elites have always exempted themselves from the rules of society, and they have never deserved that exemption. I hate to be so cynical about it, but really there's no other sane attitude to take about it.

Save being in this world, but not of it, to the extent which is humanly possible.

* * *

Are there pews in mosques? I thought they prostrated themselves and cowered on the floor when praying.

Regardless, Donkey Teeth is at least being consistent in her disdain for religion. Most people who take that tack are very careful to tiptoe around islam lest they end up in the crosshairs of a fatwa.

Speaking of that whole imbroglio, apparently the lefties are going after Chelsea Clinton though I most assuredly don't understand why. Chelsea Clinton's main achievement was being Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter and not ending up like Amy Carter. I mean, end of list, right there. What has she got to do with the shootings? Don't get me wrong; I think this is hysterically funny--I just don't understand why.

Oh well. Just pass the popcorn.

* * *

Trying to raise your child "gender neutral" is ignoring basic biological fact.

* * *

It'll never pass but it would be marvelous if it did, and then caught on across the nation. A Missouri bill that requires--requires--all able-bodied and healthy residents aged 18-34 to own an AR-15.

Related: you used to be able to buy a gun, mail order, from the Sears catalog. When guns were freely available, when the right to keep and bear arms was truly not infringed, the murder rate was astonishingly low. Today, with highly restrictive gun laws, the murder rate is five times higher.

* * *

Went out to the store for a few things, and took a circuitous route back home. Discovered a few things.

First, the old harness racetrack south of town? Used to be a gambling mecca but they went out of business, somehow. Anyway, their south lot is full of late-model Volkswagen cars, most of which have no license plates on them. Obviously these are diesel cars that VW is trying to figure out how to dispose of. Interesting.

Second, the old chicken shack on the south side of town has become a Pizza Hut.

Now, I like Pizza Hut; their food is decent and not too expensive. Having one that close to the bunker is awfully nice. When I lived in Cedar Rapids I lived about that distance from a Pizza Hut and my pizzas arrived hot and fresh, so that was extremely nice.

But then I look at the new Taco Bell out by the Culver's, and just down the street from the McDonald's out that way, a Burger King is going in. Why is the Fungal Vale getting all these fast food restaurants all of a sudden?

Then, I look at the latest village newsletter and learn that the Fungal Vale has had a new "village supervisor" for I don't even know how long. Presumably since the last election--was that last year, or 2016? Anyway, the guy who it used to be, who it was for a good long time, he's no longer in charge. And I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Anyway, today I had intended to sleep until 10, then get up and attend to some errands--but they required that I shave and shower. Mrs. Fungus woke me up around 9-ish, though: "There's no water!"

Got up with the typical thoughts going through my head: the water bill was paid, wasn't it? and better check the basement and so forth, but then I looked out the window of the computer room, northward...and saw something out that way.

I finished dressing, put on coat and shoes, and walked down the driveway and--sure enough!--YET ANOTHER FRICKING WATER MAIN BREAK.

I've lost count of how many times the village has had to patch that f-ing thing. Since 2005, though, it has to have been at least AT LEAST a dozen times.

There simply isn't enough typographical emphasis in the universe for me to express my incredulity at this state of affairs, so I'm not going to expend any more effort in that direction.

This is ridiculous. Particularly considering that it's been--what, a month? Not even?--since the last repair they had to make, at the south end of the street.

Anyway, so we both went back to bed; when we got up, water was restored and all is well again.

Until the next time. WTF.

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