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#6592: OH MY GOD YES

FOID CARD RULED UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Illinois is going to appeal, because Democrat machine shithole, but this certainly is a step in the right direction. Given the makeup of the Supreme Court, and the way its ruled on other, similar laws? Here's hoping!

* * *

In other news which will make Democrats cry (literally, in some cases, such as Rachel Maddow) The Mueller report shows that there was no collusion, no conspiracy, no coordination, between the Trump campaign and Russia. Which is why they released it as late on Friday as they could.

Big surprise: the complete nothingburger with a side of null and void turned out to be complete nothing after all.

* * *

Bach dedicated the 6 Brandenberg concertos on this day 298 years ago. Bach is my favorite composer, and I love baroque music (after all, if it's not baroque, don't Vicks it) and the first classical music CD I bought was the first three Brandenburg concertos.

* * *

When muslims decry stuff like this, that is when I will decry what happened in Christchurch. Not before.

If you're afraid to click on the link, it's a factoid about how many Christians have been killed in Nigeria by muslims. 6,000 since January of this year alone.

49 muslims killed in Christchurch. A hundred and twenty times as many Christians killed in Nigeria. Still want to preach to me about how awful I am for not denouncing Christchurch?

This is why I don't listen to western leftists about this stuff. The women living under sha'ria who are fighting for basic fucking civil rights rightfully look with disdain at the western women donning the hijab or the head scarf, foolishly thinking they're somehow showing solidarity.

But western leftists side with islam for one reason: most islamic leaders are marxists, to one extent or another, and support socialism. That's not terribly surprising, considering that socialism concentrates power in the hands of a small elite, and of course as leaders of the islamic world those men (and they are invariably) men) like that idea just fine.

Do you think American leftists would give a rat's ass about Palestine if its leadership were not 100% marxist?

But the head scarves and the hijab are not signs of solidarity. They are signs of submission. They are signs of women giving up their civil rights and becoming the property of men. Especially when it's a non-muslim doing it.

* * *

Pritzker wants to double Illinois' gasoline tax and there's not much to stop him.

The Illinois Democrats will raise taxes as high as they possibly can, because they don't want to stop spending money. The gas tax will rise. If they get their constitutional amendment, income taxes will skyrocket. There will be no property tax relief, either.


* * *

Or you can be like me, the kind of person who automatically assumes that when a complete stranger who happens to be a pretty young woman sends you a friend request out of the blue, it's either a mistake or a scam of one sort or another, and can be ignored.

* * *

Ah, the root cause. The Clinton administration rescinded a requirement, and it led to the 737MAX.
MIL-STD-499A didn't always work in defense projects, but the formal structure of this systems engineering Mil-Spec left little room for the Dilbertian "pointy haired" management types to play the games you saw in the 737 MAX.

It also gave good engineers room to do their thing because the preparation process formal Mil-Spec reviews distracted the hell out of the pointy haired management types from dreaming up things like making passenger flight safety into a profit center.
...which is exactly what ended up happening, particularly considering that the MCAS system could have a malfunction warning light only if the customer was willing to pay extra for it.

* * *

Well, it's Sunday. Yesterday was a near-total loss thanks to everything that went on, as previously described. Today, then, I went to the hardware store and got the little fiddlybits I needed to paint the bathroom...and so, off I go.

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