atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6594: Wow, really nothing?

Except Second City Cop's take on the FOID card being ruled unconstitutional.

* * *

Uh...bathroom got painted. No, talked about that.

* * *

The Blizzard of 2014 in Austin, TX.

* * *

Wow. I really do have nothing, do I?

* * *

This might explain why gas is $3 a gallon in the Fungal Vale. At least, it's certainly not helping matters any. This would be fixed if we could build new refineries that can make gasoline from the (relatively) thick goo we get out of the shale fields.

* * *

4.5 hours after starting work, I finally got to the end of all the emails. Yeesh.

* * *

Some time ago I wrote about air cooled Volkswagens and how overpriced they are around here. I just saw, on Craigslist, an ad for a non-running 1974 VW Type 181 "Thing". Rust everywhere. Interior's a mess, the convertible roof is a mess. Seller claims that "a mechanic got it running" and then removed the gas tank to clean it and never reinstalled it. The engine compartment is a mess. And did I mention it's got dents, too? Not a single un-dented fender, and there's rust on and around them, too. They don't have the keys for it, either.

Asking price: six thousand dollars.

Couple of pages down, a nice 1969 Beetle, running, looks pretty good from a distance. A few paint issues, needs running board on the passenger side. Asking price: $4,800. Much more like it.

Then there's the guy just down the street from the Fungal Vale who has a 1959 Beetle for a firm price of $3500. None of the body parts match. "Rat rod", he said. *rolleyes*

Bit further on, a 1972 Beetle, asking price $6500, but it's shiny all around, no dents, good interior--could use a good cleaning in spots. I'd pay $6k for that car.

The guy with the Thing for sale is high.

* * *

The leftists are really losing their shit over the big Mueller nothingburger. Heh.

"Collusion with Russia" was just the excuse to investigate; they were certain that once they had an excuse to go digging they'd find something on which they could impeach President Trump. Problem is, there wasn't anything like that. Ha, ha.

* * *

Today has been a long, slow, dumb day. I want to go to bed. *sigh*

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