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#6596: Well, shit.

Breaking the rule against swearing in the post title because my browser just ate a whole fucking post. For no reason whatsoever the browser crashed, and when I restarted it, LiveJournal gave me #6595 from last night as the "saved draft" instead of what I wrote today. FFFFFFUUUUU--

Anyway, I've lost my will to post today. Sorry.

* * *

Blah blah blah Mark Steyn, a bit in that article about how Comedy Channel deceptively edited an interview with someone to make him look bad. Big frigging surprise. News people have always done that.

Bonus points for an examination, from a commentor, about what the world of Handmaid's Tale would really look like. Hint: Margaret Atwood doesn't know how to extrapolate.

* * *

Pilots had less than 40 seconds to prevent a crash of the 737MAX which is probably why those two planes crashed. Karl Denninger sums it up nicely:
...[S]ince the system allegedly involved was not clearly-documented in terms of even being present, say much less what its total authority was (effectively unlimited) one has to wonder whether the intentional lack of disclosure and additional training requirement (which, I remind you, the carriers insisted on to avoid type-rating, training and certification costs) was enough to lead to a situation where the odds of correctly resolving the problem if it occurred, were poor.
That's right. If the pilot doesn't know what's happening, and doesn't even know the system causing the problem is even present, then it's a recipe for disaster.

We have two conflicting tales: 1) an airplane with full "nose down" trim can still be kept up even though you need to haul back on the yoke mightily. 2) A 737 with full "nose down" trim cannot be brought level without superhuman strength.

The former is generally true of most aircraft, I do believe. Which is to say, when you look at something like a Cessna 152, the elevator trim tab is about 2" deep and runs the length of the elevator on one side of the rudder, if memory serves. (The starboard side, where you get most of the prop wash. This is not a coincidence.) The entire elevator is about a foot deep or so, attached to a horizontal (pitch) stabilizer that's perhaps three feet at its root, elevator included.

Even if the elevator trim on a C152 is full nose down, you can keep that plane in the air. You will be wrestling with the yoke, but you can do it.

I can speak about the C152 because I've flown one; I'm not so sure about the 737MAX. I'm inclined to believe people who say it can't be done.

* * *

I agree with Kim du Toit. A nice wide band of these at the border with Mexico is just what we need. You've got to love a tree with explosive fruit.

* * *

Kim du Toit agrees with me. If you're responsible enough to vote, you're responsible enough to own a gun or buy a house or drop out of the socialized educational system.

* * *

"This makes Watergate look like a kindergarten play." A cogent digest of this whole nothingburger imbroglio.

* * *

Battleships are sadly obsolete in the era of the aircraft carrier. But damn do they pack a wallop.

* * *

Answering a question I've always had: quantum tunneling is instantaneous. "No delay that we can measure", and that means faster than light and that's extraordinary.

* * *

Tuesday! Hooray. *sigh*
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