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#6597: And he did it with broken ribs

71 years ago Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. Actually, 71 years and one day ago. Still.

He did it in a purpose-built rocket airplane fueled with hydrogen peroxide. No computers were involved, either, in design of the plane or running its avionics.

And Yeager had broken his ribs the night before. Yeager is one of those people who you're surpised when his gait isn't accompanied by loud clanking noises.

* * *

Well, the Chicago Machine was going to keep everything under wraps but they didn't manage it quickly enough so a last-minute FOIA request got the police files.

Ace opines on it.

Second City Cop wonders who benefits from this. He's not sure, but if it were purely the racial angle he wouldn't hesitate to say so. Maybe there's more to this than riot avoidance, after all.

Looks as if there's an Obama connection, though.

* * *

Occasional Cortex Full Stop. Heh. Whatever you call her, she's one ounce of brains in a three-pound brain case.

* * *

Socialists want to extend socialized education to the universities. Of course they do. The socialized educational system is already an indoctrination system. Extending that to the university level means more jobs for leftists.

Free college will not make people more educated.

* * *

Remember when "scientists" talked about how this was impossible?

* * *

The best way to fight the ludicrous is with ridicule. I wrote about this yesterday but my comments got eaten by the browser crash. Love this video, though.

* * *


* * *

Saw a meme at imgur I won't link, but it was a picture of a black and a white wolf. It said, "Inside of you are two wolves. One is gay. The other is gay. You are gay."

What it should have said is, "... Your gay."

* * *

Today is Wednesday. I want it to be Friday, but it's not. *sigh*

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