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#6598: It's only correct if you add two more words.

They always say, "No one wants to take your guns away." But that's only part of the truth; to make it whole one must add, "...right now." to it.

"No one wants to take your guns away...right now."

The goal of any gun control law is the eventual ban of all private firearms. Take a part of the cake each time, leaving ever-smaller amounts, until there's nothing left but crumbs. "Okay, okay, okay. If you simply insist on owning a gun, we'll let you have it--one--but when you're not using it, you must store it at the police station, and pay $500 a year for storage, and another $500 a year for your gun license. Oh, and there's a 500% tax on ammunition, and you're only allowed to have twenty rounds at a time. And you need annual recertification for gun ownership, which is another $500. And it the gun needs to be inspected by a state-licensed firearms inspector, and guess how much that costs?"


It's what they want--if not a de facto ban on all firearms ownership, then making it as expensive and inconvenient as possible. They do want to take our guns away. Never forget that.

* * *

GOP members of the INtelligence Committee insist that Rep. Adam Schiff-for-brains step down. Gyaa ha ha ha ha ha.

John C. Wright says, "I am undone with laughter" over this little imbroglio, and who can blame him? The GOP members of that committee said, in a letter to Schiff-for-brains, "The findings of the special counsel conclusively refute your past and present assertions and have exposed you as having abused your position to knowingly promote false information."

Shiff-for-brains was reportedly "visibly angry" at this. Sauce, goose.

But this will make a lot of Democrats nervous: Trump declassified all the FISA requests and other documentation involved in the Mueller investigation. And that's bad for Democrats because the truth will out and the declassification of this horseshit means it will "out" sooner rather than later.

There are always two sets of rules, though. In order to be a Democrat, one must first be a hypocrite.

* * *

Democrats want to force US into the Paris Agreement. Here's the problem: it has to pass not just the House, but the Senate, and then the President has to sign it.

Do you think Trump is going to sign it?

Given the political environment right now I don't think this will play out the way the Democrats think, or hope, it will. The Green New Deal got NO "yes" votes in the Senate. It went down to defeat, 57-0. NO ONE VOTED FOR IT.

There was not one Democrat in the Senate who had courage of his convictions sufficient to go on the record as either for or against that monstrosity. I mean, the douchebag who sponsored the Senate bill for the thing didn't even vote for it; to a man they voted "present" rather than "yes" or "no". What cowards! Spineless, lily-livered weasels!

* * *

NERVA is the best way to go. There are problems with it, but it still represents the best bang-for-the-buck you can get. Screamingly high delta-v and it runs on virtually anything, though it's optimized for liquid hydrogen.

Since they do know how to make stabilized monatomic hydrogen ("single H" in SF lingo) that would probably be the ideal reaction mass for a NERVA booster.

You might notice I said "reaction mass" and not "fuel" there. I started to write "fuel" and then corrected myself; in a NERVA engine the fuel is something radioactive, like uranium, and the reaction mass is heated by the fuel.

Generally speaking, NERVA is something Heinlein thought of in the 1940s, and his idea was not unique; Richard Feynman came up with it independently and I'm sure others did, too. It seems almost obvious: here you have something that can generate a great deal of heat, and it can be used to vaporize nearly anything and expand it greatly. Confine it and let it out in one direction and you have a rocket, plain and simple. In various stories, Heinlein used "single H" and zinc, but also talked about using mercury.

NERVA is the best way to explore the solar system; Mars is days away with NERVA and even Pluto is not beyond reasonable reach.

* * *

Way to go, Office Depot.

Hackaday explains up front what it did.

The corporation has been fined, and I guess people will be reimbursed (at least partially) for this.

* * *

My printer's "toner" light is turned on, so I know I need toner for it. It's still working, but it will run out soon. Amazon has a no-name brand toner cart for $14 that I will probably buy.

But I've wanted, for a very long time, to get a duplexing printer. I like being able to print on front and back; it saves paper, for one thing. There are some options, of course.

Further, I want to be able to put a printer in here that's attached to the network, so I can set my wife's computer up to print, as well. You pay a premium for an Ethernet port in a printer, though, duplex or not.

The HL 2170 that is somewhere in the spare room needs only a toner cart to be functional, and it has an Ethernet port. All I'd need to do is find something to set it on, and get a toner cart for it, and then we could have an "always on" network printer in here. Bears thinking about.

* * *

By this metric, places like Los Angeles and San Francisco are doomed. "Filth in the streets" is not exactly a characteristic of a promethean society.

* * *

They had to destroy the forest in order to save it. The lede says it all:
Europe's bioenergy plants are burning trees felled from protected conservation areas rather than using forest waste.
See, this is fucking hilarious because we're told that renewable energy is the future...only it turns out that to meet the government-mandated targets they need to start hacking down the trees in conservation areas.


How stupid is that? Burning wood to generate electricity? 128 cubic feet of wood contains about 20 million BTU, which sounds like a lot until you compare it to the energy content of fuel oil (145 gallons contain 20 million BTU) or liquefied petroleum gas (215 gallons), either of which take up a lot less space than a cord of wood does.

Not to mention burning cleaner and more efficiently. Wood gives off a lot of crap when you burn it; you might as well burn coal. At least coal has more energy per unit than wood does--30 million BTU per ton compared to wood's 20 million BTU per ton. (Roughly.)

"I tell you, there is nothing so stupid as an environmentalist!"

Of course, protecting the environment isn't the point. Making people freeze in the dark is the point.

* * *

Last night I put the trim up around the bathroom door, and put the new switchplate in place. I had to modify it to make it fit, of course. Still, it looks very nice.

Need a new register for the heating vent; also need to get the trim in by the tub and behind the toilet. Should not take much. The trim by the tub on the new wall will need to be cut a bit, as it originally went from register to tub and now there's about 2" of shower surround. I have the tools and I have the talent; no serious problems anticipated.

I'm also still considering putting a bit of corner trim on the soffet over the tub. Nothing fancy; just a little wooden L-shaped strip to soften the corner a bit. Then, if I do want to get fancy, I can apply a strip of RGB LEDs just behind that strip and run power to them through the attic. I've already got them FFS.

Had a few errands to run this morning, and it was warm enough that I didn't even need a hoodie. 63° was the high temp today, they say. Consider that two months ago it was -24°, and marvel.

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