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#6599: How do you do that ACCIDENTALLY?

How do you unintentionally seal case files? TWICE?
That's news to Chicago journalists who noted that Wednesday's Freedom of Information Act release, which included comprehensive case files from the Chicago Police Department, was done pursuant to a "loophole" in the seal order, exempting documents in control of the Chicago Police Department and the City of Chicago from the seal. As soon as the FOIA documents became public a second, more compehensive order was issued, closing the loophole.
Emphasis mine.

How stupid does she think we are?

* * *

TL;DR the press is lying about Trump everywhere it can. This is not news and it didn't start with Trump; the press has always distorted, lied, twisted, spun, and told half-truths about Republicans. If called on it, they're claimed to be "mistakes".

Notice that these kinds of "mistakes" only happen in one direction. Then you realize that these "mistakes" are anything but.

* * *

Related, the media's not reporting that a hate crime was perpetrated by a Democrat who volunteered for the Obama campaign and worked for NYC city hall...combating hate crimes.

* * *

And not to put too fine a point on the whole "media bias" thing, the managing editor of NBC news, also MSNBC news, bullies a reporter on the behalf of the Democrat party.

Still think the media are impartial? Read the article and come to any other conclusion.

* * *

Oh boy, an environmental "scientist" who faked data to keep government grant money coming. Who could have seen that one coming?
Former Duke researcher Erin Potts-Kant conducted the alleged fraud from 2006 to 2013. She was fired for embezzling money from the university, which happened during the same period, according to Duke. After her firing, her research was scrutinized, which led to the retractions of 17 scientific papers, according to RetractionWatch.
Embezzling and faking data. What a winner! The science is settled!

* * *

This won't get paid, of course, but it's a nice gesture even so. The Chicago police department billed the guy $130,000 for costs incurred by the CPD while investigating the hoax.

* * *

Illinois wants to increase taxes. I heard an advertisement for Pritzger's "fair tax" last night. More of the same bullshit as always: "The middle class won't see a tax increase! Only those making over $250,000 per year will!" It's horseshit. This tax scheme is designed to increase taxes on the middle class by at least $4,000 per year.

* * *

NYC wants to tax expensive homes and apartments. Anything with a valuation over $5 million would start paying more tax, from 0.5% to 4% depending on the valuation.

Their answer is always "higher taxes", never "less spending".

* * *

I am glad to see this. Guy SWATted another guy, who got killed in the SWAT assault on his home. Guy is now going to jail for doing so.

This needs to happen whenever anyone makes a false police report. People need to go to jail, and for a long time, for doing this kind of thing, even when there is not a fataility.

* * *

Just imagine if it had been the other way around. If the sign on that door had read "White press only!" the riots would still be going strong.

"The kind of foolishness that sets the fight against racism back by decades."

* * *

I have already said this. Nonetheless I feel vindicated when seeing it elsewhere:
There were reasons rules were established against vagrancy, illegal immigration, unlawful dumping, and public urination. There was also logic behind measures requiring vaccinations, reporting of sexually transmitted diseases, and controlled care for those whose mental illnesses made it impossible for them to care for themselves properly.

Public health policy isn't there to be mean, racist, or sexist.
Nope. It's there to prevent the spread of disease.

* * *

Wow, NYT is admitting that South Africa has become a shithole?

* * *

The broadcast news just annoys me, so I don't know how the floods are being reported. This would not surprise me at all, though. A lot of the major media outlets think that anything that does not happen on the coasts is unimportant.

* * *

A thorough takedown of the failed Green New Deal scheme.

* * *

Christians did not destroy the Library of Alexandria. It would be easier to take atheists seriously if they didn't lie to support their assertions.

If you're going to insist on evidence and proof, you can't just make shit up when you feel like it.

Comment #19 is the story I recall:
... when the Arab muslims took the city, the caliph used the scrolls as fuel for bathhouses, reasoning that if "it is not in the Q'ran it should not exist, and if it is in the Q'ran, it is superflous"
That certainly makes more sense to me than the other theories.

* * *

I want a lawn mower like that one. The fact that it's air conditioned is a very nice plus; what I like about it is the design.

* * *

Gays suffer mightily under sha'ria but the Democrats love muslims. Almost as if power and total control were the goal rather than rights and freedom. Oh well.

* * *

Shower curtain rod fell three times this morning. What I would like to do would be to hang a new shower curtain rod from the soffet over the tub. Ideally, a pair of simple short brackets that screw into the ceiling and hold the rod maybe 3" below ceiling level. Like a towel bar, but seven feet long.

What I'm seeing on-line? A myriad of things that are totally not like what I want. Closest I found is a couple of flanges, into which you screw struts, onto which you screw rings, through which the shower curtain rod goes. The struts are 12" long. I might be able to modify that, though.

I don't want friction fit; I want a permanent mount. Probably will end up with a tension rod after all. Plus side, the one I'm replacing worked fine for 20+ years.

So what do I find when I look on-line?

Look at how its actual use and purpose is the very last item? What crap.

* * *

Well: Friday night. A couple hours left in my shift. And today is payday, so I can afford to buy a new shower curtain rod.

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