atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6602: It needs an SSD all right.

So, this laptop....

This evening I hooked it to the network in order to try to get some f-ing drivers for the wireless. Downloaded five different files from the Gateway web site since their system for finding drivers by serial number was not working. Eventually, though, I got the right one, and now it works wirelessly even though it's down an antenna. Fiver says it won't work so well when it's in the basement, though, or in any other room where the router is not. We'll see.

I hope it does work wirelessly in the basement, though, because that's where I'd like to station it; I want to have a machine down there for when I'm trying to tinker and need to look something up on-line. This laptop might be able to handle Diablo II but it won't do anything much newer than that; besides that I'd like to put Open Office on it as well.

SSDs keep getting cheaper--in fact, a cursory examination of TigerDirect shows a 128 GB drive for $30 and a 250 GB drive for $50; intel and Western Digital, respectively--and I know how much an SSD improves the performance of an older laptop. This one's the same vintage as my Dell Inspiron, but has 8 GB of RAM instead of 3. That may make a difference, or may not.

...and just bought a Kingston brand 120 GB drive off Amazon. I'm trying out Prime right now, so this purchase cost me a whopping $21.50 with tax.


The toner cart for the laser printer arrived Saturday morning. I'm trying to decide how I want to proceed; the network printer is newer and can be patched into the switch instead of my computer, thus making it available to both my wife and I. It is, however, buried in the spare room, and I'll need to extract it before I can use it. Meanwhile, the non-network printer is right here.

That's why I tried out Prime; the toner cart was about $15 with tax shipped to the bunker, with Prime. Without it would have been $21 and it would have arrived after a week.

Could be worse. Right?

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