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#6603: Of course it only tells half the tale. If that.

The picture in this Faceboob post. Oh, the gorilla ate all my ice cream!!! That nasty gorilla!

Of course it's not true. Half of the money spent by the federal government is transfer payments, welfare, and other benefit payments. Two trillion dollars a year, about three million dollars a minute.

Defense is on the order of $800 billion per year.

One of the dinks who responded to the thing said that Social Security etc are simply "paying back" people who paid into it. That might be true if that money didn't get put into the general fund; but sadly, there is no lockbox into which Social Security etc get sent, where the money stays until it's needed. That lockbox is full of IOUs from Uncle Sam, because the money that should be there has been spent.

It's a common assertion by the left that defense is the biggest consumer of government spending, but it's not so, and it's been an extremely long time since it has been.

...the other factor being that those "first world countries" with all that ice cream, they can only do that because America has been defending them. Like Germany, France, etc--the money they would have spent on defense they instead can spend on socialism precisely because the US and its creation of NATO. But you won't hear the left saying anything about that.

* * *

No idea how long this page will remain up but it's amusing.

* * *

Kurt Schlichter talks about "the conservative case" and flattens it. If someone needs to make "the conservative case" for anything--especially something the left has been agitating for--then it is probably bunkum emitted by a NeverTrump anus.
And you know a bunch of soft-serve Republicans are aching to show how much they love Science by rolling over on the climate change fraud. Right now, they are preparing their conservative cases for banning cars (for people like you and me but not them), for banning air travel (for people like you and me but not them), and for banning cheeseburgers (for people like you and me but not them). You see, because of reasons, making the lives of normal people miserable because maybe the weather might be slightly warmer in a century – while also transferring our money and our power to leftists – is "the right thing to do."
As is the case with "the conservative case" for Puerto Rican statehood.

I think we should do the opposite: I think we should cut Puerto Rico loose from the American teat and let them find their own way.

* * *

Yes, if it can put a Tesla Roadster into an orbit that takes it near Mars, it can certainly put a mission into lunar orbit. That's what makes Falcon Heavy such a triumph.

* * *

"I'm still shocked that not one person in that theater stood up and said 'This is wrong. Not just wrong, but evil.'" The reason no one did that was due entirely to the fact that he would have been ostracised, excoriated, doxxed, and threatened. It's already politically incorrect to stand up against the homosexual lifestyle in any form, and transgenderism is an extension of it--which is why the acronym is LGBT. "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender" is how it goes. (Even though lesbians are beginning to turn against transgenderism because, big surprise, lesbians are generally not interested in having sex with someone who has a penis, even if it's a female's penis.)
...this mental illness is one that the media, education establishment and entertainment world actively encourage. With that in mind, it's terrifying to watch speed with which the government is weaponizing the transgender world view.
Let me stop you right there. "The media, education establishment and entertainment world" can be summed up simply as the left or the establishment. They've decided that transgenderism is the new black, so to speak.

In the 1970s, a large number of TV shows suddenly had black people in them, and a lot of shows cropped up which were exclusively about black people. In the late 1980s and the 1990s, a lot of shows suddenly had gay characters in them and there were shows about gay characters.

Today, now, transgender has been identified as the big new thing that people need to tolerate, and so here we go with the same thing--and anyone who objects is a racist-bigot-homophobe just as he was in the prior cases, regardless of his reasoning or the basis for his objection.

And in this case, people who object to this specific case, just on the basis of "gay men fawning over 11-year-old boy" are told to SHUT UP YOU BIGOT HOMOPHOBE.

* * *

This is certainly so. I look at some of the horseshit that rich people are fed in the name of "fine dining" and no longer wonder how rich people stay thin. Jeese-louise.

* * *

The people who advocate gun control do not want compromise. They want total confiscation. Of course they do not say that.

* * *

Related: Man proves too effective at using a gun in self-defense, so naturally the government comes down on him like a load of bricks. He's certainly a better shot than most police are. Shit.

* * *

Whatever else you want to say about Newt Gingrich, at least he understands how to fight. The White House should withhold intelligence from the House Intelligence committee until Schiff-for-brains is no longer its chair. He's a lying sack of shit.

* * *

It snows in spring. Get used to it.

* * *

Today I had thought to do an April Fools' piece where I made a 180° turn and renounced everything. I was going to head each paragraph with whatever word was needed to do this:
About Trump: I've had it...
Particularly since he's....
Really, the entire concept of "right-wing" needs to be....
In fact, if you think about it, marxism is the only sensible....
Look: I'm not above admitting that I've been on the wrong side of this....
Fundamentally changing American culture has to be where we start...
Once we get the guns away from the citizens....
Obviously, we also need strict controls on right-wing speech...
Lastly, a tax rate of 95% won't be a problem....
Subsequently the grand dream of the worker's paradise can be realized, and...
....and so it goes.
I considered using drop caps to make it a little more obvious. I finally decided it was too much effort to be worth it, though.

Oh well. Maybe next year.

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