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#6604: Well, that was fast, all right.

Got the 120 GB drive a few minutes ago. (Around 3 PM.) Now it's sitting on my desk warming up; if I have some time I'm going to try cloning the OS to it and then installing it in the laptop. Whee!

* * *

I need to point out one thing about this. They're saying "this could be dark matter!" because there is no known transition at 1,500 electron-volts. Which is to say, we don't know of any element which can drop an electron from an excited state to a lower state which will produce a photon with that energy.

I still think of dark matter as an epicycle, rather than a real thing.

* * *

So, the new standard for prosecution is whether or not someone got hurt? Do I understand this correctly? Democrats always get a pass for saying fatuous things.

And I'm guessing this standard excludes economic harm, since the hoax cost the city something like $130,000.

"Well, your honor, even though we have him cold, no one was injured during that bank robbery, so I'm afraid we just have to drop the charges," said no state's attorney ever.

Meanwhile, the Machine bent over backwards to let the guy go but now they have some explaining to do. It would be fantastic if this turned out to be a crack in the Machine's armor. Even if all that happened was they were inconvenienced, that would be at least something.

* * *

Seattle is dying because of leftism, the same way San Francisco and Los Angeles and--yes--Chicago are.

Handicap your cops in the name of fighting "racism" and you end up with a skyrocketing crime rate.
Calling it "gun violence" lets local politicians off the hook, because they want to shift the blame away from the lousy schools they’ve provided and taxes that cripple or drive away businesses so there are no jobs.

The proper name is "gang violence," and the gangs kill people over drugs, money, over revenge, over nothing, over they just felt like it.
Nearly all the violence in the city comes from five percent of the population: the gangsters. Lock them all up and you'll see the crime rate plummet. But of course the Machine gets money from the drug trade, and political support, so it's tolerated. Besides, it's none of the politicians who are threatened by gang violence. Right?

* * *

If this does not outrage you, you are not paying enough attention. The article begins with its headline asking, "If a judge ordered Trump to resign, would that be the law?"

The answer to that question is, of course, not just no but "FUCK no" because that would be a massive overreach of judicial power. The judicial branch cannot order another the executive to resign. But believe me, the judiciary has never shied away from lesser overreach.

Like this:
Late Friday night, a district judge in Alaska ruled that Trump must continue Obama's moratorium on drilling permits in the Arctic Outer Continental Shelf. Sadly, it’s not even newsworthy when a judge mandates that Trump continue Obama's discretionary and often lawless executive orders. And of course, the Republican Party treats it as a legitimate order and continues to peddle the myth that judges have such power. But this particular order was jarringly, absurdly transparent in giving away the game of the legal profession.

"The wording of President Obama's 2015 and 2016 withdrawals indicates that he intended them to extend indefinitely, and therefore be revocable only by an act of Congress," wrote Judge Sharon Gleason, an Obama appointee, about Obama's decision to permanently lock up 98 percent of the Arctic Outer Continental Shelf from drilling.'s as if they have crowned Obama president forever. So long as a Democrat president desires his policies to remain permanent, well, permanent they must remain. In the words of Gleason, Trump's decision to merely restore the permitting process in place before Obama is "unlawful" and "exceeded his authority" because he is bound by the discretionary and often lawless policies of his predecessor.
Understand that an executive order is written on wind; the executive orders emplaced by one President are not and cannot be binding on future Presidents, the same way Congress can not bind future Congresses.

In other words, the sitting Congress we have right now cannot say, "Okay, we're raising taxes on the rich, and that tax will endure forever. It can never be revoked," and have it stand. Even if they write the law to say "this tax stands in perpetuity and can never be changed," and it's signed into law by the President, the very next Congress can change it as they please. All they need to do is propose the change, and pass it, and have the President sign it. As long as they follow the process, no Congress can bind the actions of future Congresses. That's why we need the constitutional amendment process; that is the only way to bind the lawmaking apparatus to a specific condition.

Executive orders are the same way. "Stroke of the pen, law of the land," but only until the next guy gets into office; if he doesn't like your executive order, he can rescind it, exactly as Trump is doing here. Most of the time a President won't bother with existing executive orders, but sometimes there are distinctly stupid ones which must be rescinded (such as Carter's ban on reprocessing spent nuclear fuel). It doesn't matter what the order is for or what it says, or how it's worded; this is a power of the executive. And one executive cannot say to future executives, "This executive order can only be repealed by an act of Congress."

At least, theoretically.

The thing is, an executive order is always intended to continue "indefinitely", unless there is some expiration date included. They can always be canceled by Congress. But to say that a specific executive order can only be rescinded by an act of Congress is not only a perfect example of judicial activism and overreach, but is in fact actively totalitarian.

Plus side, the Suprme Court will (at least, hopefully) knock that shit back into its place. That horseshit cannot be allowed to stand.

* * *

I actually think the solution to this issue is pretty simple. If you believe that children are perfectly capable of making life-altering decisions, then you shouldn't have any trouble lowering the age of majority.

If you think that, say, 12-year-olds should have unfettered access to hormone therapy and plastic surgery and everything else surrounding transgenderism, then you should not have any trouble letting that kid own firearms, quit school, work, serve in the military, buy cigarettes and booze, and so forth.

Having your testicles removed and your penis surgically altered to resemble "female organs", having your natural puberty interrupted, taking female hormones--this is not something a person should do on a whim, and until recently such drastic decisions were considered the realm of adults. And even then, to be undertaken in stages and after years of counseling to make sure these irreversible changes were not done to someone who didn't really want them.

If you think a child can handle the responsibility of making these decisions, then a child should be able to handle owning firearms, and being able to buy cigarettes and alcohol. And drive. And own property. And quit school. And--

...but if you don't believe kids are responsible enough to handle those things, how in the hell can you seriously argue that they can handle this?

* * *

The hijab is a symbol of oppression. If you're a feminist and you put on a hijab, you are advocating for a system that keeps women barefoot and pregnant.

Gee, hypocritical leftists. Who coulda seen that one coming and YES THAT IS SARCASM.

* * *

In Venezuela, the currency is worthless. Thieves broke into a bank, stole equipment, and tossed the money in the street.

Go go socialism!

* * *

The article answers the question posed by its headline in the negative.
Among the pie-in-the-sky miracles touted by the industry is using electricity storage schemes to smooth out the erratic power from wind or solar. There are two semi-practical schemes for storing electricity: lithium batteries and pumped storage. Batteries have a place for short-term storage of power, say 10 minutes. Batteries to smooth the 17,000-megawatt Texas wind system would cost more than 10 times what the entire system cost. Pumped storage involves upper and lower lakes connected by a reversible hydroelectric system. Suitable natural lakes are rare. Pumped storage might be used to store cheap power at night and release it during the day. It is not practical for smoothing wind or solar due to the large lakes required and the cost of the hydroelectric installations.
Let me repeat what they said: "Batteries to smooth the 17,000-megawatt Texas wind system would cost more than 10 times what the entire system cost."

So your windmills cost x, but the batteries you need to make it work as a primary power source cost 10x.

No good.

* * *

The press relies on the freedom of speech, but they want to curtail the freedom of speech. Specifically, they want to curtail the freedom of speech of others while retaining their own.

That does not work out so well as they think it would.

* * *

Comparing dealing with leftists to working retail. It's a really, really good comparison; and it's correct, too.

I can believe that someone would walk through mud and then try to return shoes claming, "I never wore them!"

* * *

Sixty outside today, and sunny. It's April!

Yesterday I discovered Seitokai Yakuindomo, found it was a freeleech on BakaBT, and ganked it. Set up the recently-repaired laptop next to the TV and hooked it up, and was able to watch the first five eps.

Basic setup: main character is one of a handful of guys attending a school which was, until just "this year", an all-girls' school.

What I really, really like about this series is that the main character is not treated like a pariah, nor is he abused by any of the other characters (at least not as of ep 5). There's no group of girls out to "restore purity" to their school by ousting the boys. There's no one who gets mad at the guy and kicks him all the time.

He is invited to join the student council; he does, and they're all friends. (Unlike, say, Haganai, where everyone treats everyone else with disdain.) It's refreshing. It's hilarious, too.

* * *

So, got the laptop set up and the drive should be cloning. Had a moment where I thought it had stalled; the number in the lower left corner of the window was at 12578 kB--that turned out to be per second rather than total, for which I am just as grateful.

Could be worse, right?

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