atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6606: But Republicans hate women, so why would they do this?

Republicans want birth control pills to be available over the counter. But we are reliably informed that the GOP hates women and wants them all to be barefoot and pregnant, so I'm not sure what hidden, dastardly plot this is.

Wait a second: "Congress can't change the status of birth control pills on its own." Why not? Doesn't the FDA operate on delegated power? The alphabet-soup agencies can only regulate because Congress has delegated powers to them through the Executive. WTF?

* * *

My guess is that the Democrats are expecting the press to shield them from the negative effects of releasing the Mueller Report.

* * *

TL;DR socialized education sucks and we're not allowed to be critical of it because it's an institution of the left.

* * *

If Chicago isn't the most corrupt city in the US, it sure as hell is a close second.

* * *

Big surprise that the press is loath to be critical of its fellow travelers.

* * *

You can't adjust the trim manually and you can't pull up against full down trim. 737MAX has a problem, all right.
The only available emergency procedure requires turning off the electrical trim motors which means you have just the manual crank wheels on the pedestal left. But, what is being reported here is that aerodynamic loads can make those wheels impossible to turn and it's also physically impossible to pull the yoke back with the trim jammed against you.
Once that system orders "full down" on the elevator trim, that airplane will crash, and you're screwed.

Saw a report that the Ethiopia crew turned the thing off, then turned it back on again--I expect they turned it on again to try and get the damned trimp off "full down".

Bad, bad design, Boeing.

But, hey! I bet the exec in charge of the project got a fat bonus and a nice promotion!

* * *

SpaceX does a tethered test of Starhopper. Go go go go go!

* * *

Today, animal rights groups would make sure that building a highly specialized robot at a cost of fifty million dollars would be the only way to solve this problem.

* * *

Do not wish for misfortune to befall others. That shit has a way of coming back at you.

* * *

Finished Seitokai Yakuindomo last night. A very nice series. No mean characters or anything. Everyone is likable, which is not common at all, especially for a story with this kind of scenario.

* * *

I'm looking forward to it being this time tomorrow, because that'll mean I only have about 3 hours of work separating me from the weekend. Even though I've got a lot of chores to do, at least I won't be listening to some moron yammer about stupid crap., I'll definitely be talking to myself. Nuts.

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