atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6608: Why am I surprised? This always happens.

Things I wanted to do today:
1) Get haircut
2) Change oil in wife's car
3) Intall new adjuster in Jeep's right rear brake
4) Work on bathroom
It's now 5:30 PM, and what have I done?

1) Get haircut


--and in the middle of getting that one thing done, my wife texts me and says the dryer isn't working, so now that I've eaten BREAKFAST I need to go downstairs and fuck around with the dryer and see if I can make it work, or not.

I got into the shower at 2 and was ready to go not too much later. The SuperCuts that I used to get my hair cut at? Gone. Didn't realize it until I was there--didn't even think about it--and the next nearest one was "on the other side of the ass", as my wife says. It took me half an hour to get there because I was driving to a location as far away from the bunker, going east, as the former place was, going west.

On the plus side, tasty, tasty Jersey Mike's subs for breakfast lunch dinner. After getting home at 5 PM, because I had to wait for two other people to be finished before I could get my hair cut.

So now I will change into a shirt that can get dirty, hie myself to the basement, and see WTF is wrong with our friggin' dryer. *sigh*

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