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#6609: Well, that's nice.

So, the entire works brought low by a piece of stamped brass, 1/4" wide and maybe 1.25" long, formed into a kind of /\__/\ shape. Only here it's become /\ __/\ so it no longer provides contact between the two poles of the switch that detects when the dryer door is open. Because the dryer thinks the door is open, it won't turn on.

That was the second thing I checked. First thing was the thermal limiter, but it's fine.

So, what did I do? Well, took the switch out and taped the two wires together, which will do fine until I can get a replacement switch. In the meantime we just need to make sure the dryer has finished or turn the knob to an "off" position before opening the door.

If I had some Friendly Plastic I could take any old normally open (NO) switch and stick it in the hole, and then smooge the FP around it to hold it in place, but I don't. Anyway, the workaround I've got will do, and I'm glad it's something that could be worked around. If it were the thermal limiter? You don't bypass critical safety systems unless you're a fucking lunatic. The thermal limiter is there in case the two temperature control switches both malfunction and the dryer gets dangerously overheated. If the thermal limiter has popped, you are having a big problem and you will not be drying your clothing today. In fact, something has gone badly wrong with the dryer and it's probably going to cost more than it's worth to repair.

A door switch? No problem. In the absolute worst case, if it were left open and still running, the dryer would simply run until it reached the end of the cycle, at which point it would shut off. But we're not idiots and this is a temporary fix.

* * *

This is every day when you do phone support.

* * *

Holy crap. At least I got my friggin' hair cut.

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