atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6612: Whose avionics?

I'd expect the avionics in commercial heavy aircraft to be better than this. The link there doesn't say whose avionics are in those Chinese 787s. Boeing will install whatever avionics you want in their planes, and even if you get them with whatever comes "standard" you can always change the damned things to whatever you want.

I don't see this as a "Boeing" problem. It's an "avionics manufacturer" problem. It's also a problem which can actually be solved with a software update, unlike the 737 MCAS problem.

* * *

Got the oil changed in Mrs. Fungus' car. At least I got that much done. A haircut and an oil change--mercy.

Today it's warm enough that I wore shorts while doing the oil change. The crocus has finally popped up.

Now, we're due one more bout of cold weather, gradually warming to something like 55-60...after which it will go right to 85 and not drop again until October.

* * *

Had a gander at the schematics for the dryer, and doped out how it works. The air is drawn in past the heating element, through the drum, out through the door, to the fan and thence to the exhaust port--meaning that if the door is not shut, air does not flow past the heating element. So, I'm going to need to figure out a new "door closed" switch sooner than I thought.

I know exactly what I need, too; I can see it in my head as clearly as I can see the monitor before me. I had a microswitch, 120v, perfect for the application, that I could affix to the machine without too much effort and which would nicely close a circuit when the door is closed. Built for industrial use, even though it was used it would probably outlast the dryer itself. I could probably epoxy it in place and bend the "finger" to contact the door such that a closed door closes the switch. The hard part is getting that adjustment right.

I might still even have it. I might not have thrown it away. If I do have it, what are the odds I could find it?


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