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#6613: I can probably make one

You can buy dimensioned brass from hobby stores and probably hardware stores. Brass shim stock if nothing else. Might even be able to get it pre-cut to the right width.

Take a piece of stock the right width and carefully bend it to be as close as possible in shape to the contact from that switch. It doesn't have to be exact. Check for fit, then reassemble and test. $5 says I can fix that switch rather than replace it.

Among other things I found old brass stencils in the attic. This was the kind of thing you used when you wanted to paint something on a crate. I could sacrifice one of them for the cause, but I think it might be too brittle to bend. Can you anneal brass with a propane torch?

...have to try the hardware store tomorrow or Tuesday.

* * *

Meanwhile, I fell asleep about 8:30, woke up at 11, and couldn't get back to sleep, so I came in here. Did a little WoW, read a little, then decided to log off and relax a bit.

Problem: Pandora is on a roll. It's been one really, really good, relaxed "ambient" song after another. I keep thinking, "I'll quit after this song," but then the next song is just as good.

Now it's approaching 3 AM. *sigh*

* * *

So I have now made two attempts to find my other laser printer, and failed.

I had two. Both Brother printers. The networked one is the one I'm trying to find. I've dug into the pile in the spare room. I've gone over everything in the basement, twice. There are only a few other places it could be, but I can't search them right now since it's approaching 3 AM and searching those places would disturb my wife.

I could have gotten rid of it, but I don't think I did. I don't think I did. I hope I did not; that would be annoying.

The toner I bought will work in either printer. I want to use the networkable printer because I'd like for my wife and I both to be able to print. All I should have to do is to plug the thing into the switch and install the drivers on the computers. If I didn't get rid of it and if I can find it. As a bonus, you can print wirelessly to it, too.

* * *

I laid down around 8-ish, as I'd said; and just as I was falling asleep my wife screamed for me.

There was a frog stuck to the outside of the patio door. A little tree frog, the kind that makes the "peepers" noises in spring. Apparently it had hopped up there, startling the cat, and by the time I got there it was just hanging out, relaxing and sticking to the glass.

You don't ever see the things. I can stand on my front porch and--when it's quiet enough--hear them from the woods down the street on spring nights like this when the temperature is warm enough. When the area across the street was still a field, you could hear them a lot louder, from there.

So to see one--to have it come up and climb up the patio door--that was kind of special.

I got a picture but my phone is inaccessbile so it'll have to get posted later, if I remember.

* * *

Another really good song. Aigh.

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