atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#661: So why is there an afterlife in it?

An atheist's answer to Chronicles of Narnia portrays the afterlife as "...a dank and dreary 'prison camp' afterlife." There is no "heaven" as Christians think of it.

But the books are apparently full of angels and there is an afterlife in it. God is portrayed as a whiny crybaby loser who is destroyed and who didn't create the universe; he's just an angel who took over.


To say that's "incoherent" would be giving it too much credit. There is no God but there are angels and an afterlife?


If there's no such thing as God, why are there angels? Why is there an afterlife?

The thing is, it's a polemic, and there is no story there if people just end when they die. If there's no afterlife, the writer can't make his point. And so, ironically, the atheist's point that there is no God and no afterlife can only be made if there is an afterlife and a defective "God"-analogue? Do I understand this?

Filing Golden Compass under "worthless tripe" and heading for bed. See ya!

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