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#6615: Close, but no cigar.

I take issue with some of this. That the US is moving towards socialism is, unfortunately, manifest. It's been moving that way, inexorably, for three decades, barely hindered at all by anyone in the federal government.

George HW Bush signed the biggest tax increase in history--at least, it was, until Bill Clinton signed one that dwarfed it...and even that one's been dwarfed by Obamacare. If you are middle class, half of your income is paid out in various taxes: income taxes, property taxes, license taxes, sales taxes, sin taxes, luxury taxes, fuel taxes, registration fees, fee fees, and the horse you rode in on.

But what I take issue with is, first off, this statement: "The party of capitalism put Donald Trump in the White House."

There are two reasons I take issue with it. One, the GOP is hardly the party of capitalism. They've proven that time and again, over and over and over, to the point that I no longer identify as Republican, because I'm not. The GOP is, if anything, the party of "slightly less, and slower, socialism than the Democrats". Two, Donald Trump won the Presidency in spite of the GOP's best efforts.

Recall that the GOP leadership wanted anyone other than Trump to win the primaries, and right up until the convention itself there was talk about "brokering" the thing and installing another candidate in place of Trump. The only reason the party leadership didn't do that came from the fact that if they had, it would have meant the end of the GOP, because the rank and file would have stopped voting Republican--ever. And after the GOP helped to sabotage the TEA parties, they could not afford to piss off their voters any further, and they bloody well knew it.

There has never been an expansion of government that the GOP has fought against, at least not that I'm aware of--and I've been paying attention to these matters since 1992. The best that can be said for them is that they didn't help the Democrats push Obamacare on us, but even that isn't really the case considering that they did approximately jack shit to repeal Obamacare after they had the power to do so. At every turn the GOP has rolled over for Democrats, and the government gets bigger and the taxes go higher every year, regardless of who's in the White House and who runs Congress.

The GOP is not the "party of capitalism". There is none.

* * *

The actual minimum wage is ZERO and the sooner we all get hep to that the better off we'll be.

The push for a $15 minimum wage is fueled primarily by one thing: unions. A lot of union wages are indexed to the minimum wage, one way or another, so that if minimum goes up, so do union wages.

Democrats like the $15 minimum for another couple of reasons, though, besides that one. Besides making the union bosses happy, it also lifts people into higher tax brackets, so they pay more in taxes. And the people whose jobs get cut, they end up on welfare, which also helps Democrats.

A $15 minimum wage is a big win for Democrats and "big government", but a net loss for just about everyone else.

The linked article has a nice little graphic which explains why; there are just some jobs which do not generate $15 an hour in revenue, which is why they pay minimum wage rather than, y'know, $15 an hour. And if you force a business to pay a guy $15 an hour when that guy's work isn't worth $15 an hour,
eventually the business must cut that job, because it's a net loss and businesses exist to make money, not spend it.

The way to increase wages is to stop importing cheap, unskilled foreign labor by the megaton. Minimum wage has remained where it is because there are millions of illegals willing to work for $5 an hour cash, which has suppressed wage growth. But Democrats need those voters, illegal though they may be.

* * *

Maybe you're just a bad State's Attorney.

* * *

Score one for the voyuers! No, that's crass and a cheap shot. Huh? Oh:
An Illinois judge recently declared that high school girls do not have a right to "visual bodily privacy." This means that they do not have a right to modesty; they do not have the right not to be espied in an undressed state by a member of the opposite sex.

The issue, of course, concerns the presence of biological males in the girls locker room. Courts, along with the Obama administration, had previously declared that transgendered girls, that is, girls with penises and with XY chromosomes, had a right to share the girls locker room. Regardless of whether the girls themselves were discomfited or even triggered.


Said high school girls do not have a right to their privacy. The psychological and emotional sensitivities of transgendered students trump their rights to privacy and even their modesty.
So, there you have it: if you're a high school girl, you can like it or lump it, but either way you must share your locker room with boys that identify as girls. No, your feelings on the matter are irrelevant and probably bigoted to boot. Don't you understand? That person next to you may have a Y chromosome and a penis, but that is not a boy because that person IDENTIFIES as female.

And if you insist on misgendering that person based on outmoded ideas like biological sex, then it's because you are a bigot and should be shunned by polite society, and possibly jailed and sent for psychiatric treatment.

* * *

A lot of the American indians understood agriculture to one extent or another. There is the idea that some kind of pandemic caused a collapse of American indian civilization, some time before Columbus discovered America. Prior to that, a flourishing agricultural civilization. After, nomadic hunter-gatherers.

Anyway, it's interesting to see people do this kind of research.

* * *

Dan Rather believes the words are wrong! He thinks it's "wrong" to refer to people as "animals" who torture and maim and hang bodies from bridges.

I have to wonder who Dan Rather thinks that it's okay to refer to as "animals". People who think that voters should have to show ID to vote? People who insist on the right to own firearms? Probably.

* * *

This is quite amusing.

* * *

On vaccinations:

NYC is seeing an outbreak of measels, and is requiring people to get vaccinated. Good.

Measels is one of those diseases that you vaccinate against, period. Like polio. The prognosis for a typical case of measels is not as bad as that of polio, but it's still not good. It's essential to vaccinate everyone against these diseases because they're killers, and they kill a disproportionate number of children. Smallpox is the first disease that we could vaccinate for, but polio was the disease we really needed a vaccine for.

The problem is that the medical establishment has gone hog wild for vaccinating people.

The reason we're seeing a correlation between vaccination and autism is not because of the vaccines themselves, but because of the number of vaccines which are simultaneously given to children. It's not uncommon for a very young child to be vaccinated against 2-3-4-5 things at a time, and little or no thought is given to the interactions between the vaccines for them. No one asks, "Is it really a good idea to expose a young child to so many disease organisms at once?"

That is the problem.

I didn't get vaccinated against measels until I was in grade school. My vaccinations were spread out over several years. There were very few autistic individuals in my age cohort. But these days, docs want to jab your 6-month-old for five or six diseases at once, because they've decided that your kids have to be immunized against a couple dozen diseases before age 1...and autism is on the rise.

* * *

I am indifferent to Burning Man so I have no dog in that hunt. The federal Bureau of Land Management laying down the law on a bunch of leftists and hippies exactly the way they do on big corporations amuses me, though, as do the hurt cries of "why are you regulating us?"

Let's face it: Burning Man is not an event to which a lot of right-wingers go. It's mainly a left-wing show, and I'd bet that the site is not as thoroughly policed, post-event, as the linked article would suggest it is. "Individual sequina and metal shavings"--have you ever seen the aftermath of a left-wing event, like a protest march? Trash everywhere, just dropped on the ground and left--and for stationary protests (like that pipeline protest in North Dakota) it's even worse.

* * *

But sometimes you can't move over. What do you do then? I don't know how many times I've seen it: emergency vehicle on side of road, but the people who are in that lane can't move away from it because they're blocked by a car.

Take a look at the picture accompanying the article. The indicated vehicle has a car immediately to his left; what should he have done? Stop in the middle of the road and create a collision hazard?

When you watch the video, you see that the guy is passing the car to his left--moving faster--so yeah, that's a fair cop. But I still wonder how the law is applied when someone cannot move over.

On the other hand, people need to learn to get over as soon as possible when they see something like that. Don't wait until the last ten feet for a merge or a closed lane; get over as soon as you see that you will need to. Things would go a lot more smoothly if everyone did that.

I've noticed that, in Iowa, people tend to do that. It makes for a smoother driving experience for everyone.

* * *

Today it is just cool enough that I can't really have the window open in the computer room. Oh well.

* * *

Had a weird dream last night--well, not a dream, or not exactly. I'm not sure what it was. Just, I was awakened twice by this stench, a strong reek of esters and ketones, that faded away as soon as I woke up. It smelled like a landfill, a garbage dump, but only until I woke up.


* * *

...was getting annoyed, because I had to run some errands today, before work, with the result that for breakfast I had a Culver's Deluxe Double with french fries--finished it two minutes before work began--and here I am, getting hungry again, and it's only....

Oh. It's been four hours since then. Time for a snack, I guess.

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