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#6621: But it's vibrancy!

I've got a fiver that says the shooter and his victims were all gang members. What else would it be?

* * *

Unprovoked black-on-white violence. I mean, what could a 5-year-old child have possibly done to this man to prompt him to toss the kid off the third floor? The article doesn't say.

What it does say is that the man had previously been banned from the mall twice, and that he has a long history of assault and other disruptive behavior.

* * *

Truer words were never spoken: "Condemning the pulps as problematical is sheer hypocrisy, uttered in holier than thou tones by persons whose morality is immorality, whose speech is violence, whose chastity is adultery, whose words are crudeness and blasphemy."

Let me add here that stories from the pulp era are entertaining, while the current stuff shoveled at us by the mainstream publishing world is boring crap.

* * *

California has some of the highest taxes in the US.
What really irks California taxpayers are the shoddy public services that they receive in exchange for such burdensome taxes. California can be found near the bottom of state rankings for schools and infrastructure.
You know why? The answer is found a few paragraphs later:
California’s social programs are magnets that draw in the indigent from all over the world, who arrive in search of generous health, education, legal, nutritional, and housing subsidies. Some 27 percent of the state’s residents were not born in the United States.
That's where all the money goes that would otherwise pay for infrastructure and education.

* * *

There is a reason we segregate sports by sex. And the "trans" movement is proving it.

* * *

Well! Today I must finish the bathroom. There is only a little bit that needs doing--a bit of paint touch-up and reinstalling the trim--so I suppose I'd better get after it.

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