atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6622: WTF

Well, the bathroom is done, at least.

Getting the register put in was easy-peasy, but for the fact that one of the screws broke while I was installing it. Getting the trim cut to the right length went quickly enough. Touched up the paint, did this, did that.

Then it came down to the last two bits of trim--what should have been a matter of hammering in a few nails--and that took me over an hour.

One of them was behind the toilet, and the other was on the opposite wall between the register and the bathtub surround.

I kept having trouble driving the nails. I don't know what it is, but the nails simply would not go through the trim. I had to hammer the hell out of them to get them to move at all, and in the process I managed to hit a finger and a thumb in quick succession. The nails tended to bend rather than penetrate the fricking wood!

And I don't mean bend sideways at the surface because of an off-center hit with the hammer, but the nails themselves would assume a |__/\ shape the way they do when you're trying to drive them into something impenetrable. I ended up getting a drill and predrilling holes so I could get the shit in, but I bent any number of nails and even cracked a floor tile while trying to finish this job.

It looks acceptable, though.

Texted my wife while taking a break, though, and said that we're going to have to re-do the floor. The tile is coming up around the edges and the plywood underneath is going bad in spots. Next year, then, we'll pull out all the fixtures (except the tub) and replace the floor, and probably put in a new vanity at the same time. I'm thinking vinyl planking; it's not too expensive, it's pretty easy to install with hand tools, and it is reasonably water resistant.

Next year, though. 2020. With the exception of finishing the whole-house filter install, and one or two exterior projects, I am done with home improvement for the year.

Anyway, it's done, and now I can spend the rest of my weekend relaxing.

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