atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6623: Oh, so THAT's what it took

Remembered seeing something on-line about doing a factory reset on the printer. No, wait; I need to back up a bit.

The last thing I did, last night, with the printer, was to check it for network activity. Like many modern Ethernet ports, this one's got activity lights built in. And with it plugged into the switch, no activity at all. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Dug out the cable tester and tested the cable; I'd never used the thing before so I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was a good result, so I tried it with a known good cable, and got the same result. Okay, good cable.

Port? Swapped the work laptop to the port I'd plugged the printer into. I was able to log on to the VPN and submit my time card without any trouble whatsoever. Not the port, either.

Took the side cover off the printer to see if that was a real network port or just a dummy. Well, it's actually attached to an interface board, so then I--seeing that the interface board had a reset button--figured I'd try doing a factory reset on the thing.

(Insert first sentence of the post here.)

Hold down the "go" button while powering the thing on; release it, then press the button 7 times. The printer will do a factory reset. So that's what I did...and the instant--the instant--that factory reset was done, the network activity lights came on.

So I went to the computer to start setting it up, and--lo and behold--the computer had already detected it and installed the driver. I printed a test page, no problem. Win.

Went over to my wife's computer and tried installing it there. System didn't find it, so I grabbed the IP address of the printer from my machine, plugged that in, and presto! It found the printer and installed the driver. Test page successful. Win.

So I have now realized the grand dream of setting up a network printer so we can both print to it...a mere 6.33 years after setting up the computer room. Whee! As a bonus, resetting the printer reset the page counter, so now it's not demanding fresh toner, either, and I can wait to swap the toner cart until the pages start looking faded.

If I need to add anything else to the network, though, I'm going to need a bigger switch. This one's ports are all occupied: three computers, one printer, and the line to the router. Well, anything that needs a wired connection to the Internet can plug into the router, I suppose, so it's not that big of a deal.

Oh, hey--I just realized, I can print from the work laptop, too. Win.

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