atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6624: Good thing I didn't put my coat away.

Woke up to a white world--snow falling, heavy wet lake-effect snow, lots of it. Probably three, four inches of the stuff have fallen. Of course I had to go out in it--an errand to run--but at least the roads weren't slippery. Not plowed or salted--not in April--but the conditions led to snow which squishes out from under the tires pretty well.

But that errand has left me without any other motivation.

* * *

Today's leading contender for "the most useless human being on the planet" is VEGAN SMYTHE! You guessed it; he's a vegan! And he's a comedian! And a recording sta-- uhh, art... He makes mus... Sounds! Yes! He records sounds which are meant to entertain!


* * *

Exposing Democrats' hypocrisy seems to be pathetically easy when you're President Donald Trump. All he had to do was suggest releasing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities and the left fell all over itself to decry the measure.

* * *

It's almost as if placing onerous restrictions on legal gun owners doesn't deter criminals, or something. The best metaphor I've ever seen for this is as follows:
Let's take cars away from sober drivers to combat drunk driving.
* * *

I expect she probably had the cole slaw and chili special down at Joe's Diner.

* * *

At least the snow stopped. Crimony.

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