atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#662: W...T...F!

And that's less than half of the whole ad.

Okay, it's obvious to me that she's a big Star Wars fan. I mean, ZOMGWTFBBQ-level fan--and that's okay. It's nice that there is at least one Christian out there who can love something other than Christ and be okay with it. That's fine.

I even have to admit that the ad is intriguing enough to me that I was tempted to reply to it. I mean, if she's that nuts about SW how bad can she be, really? And the parody she displays there is very well-written, which must mean she's got at least half of a functioning brain, right?

Well, reading further along--and translating as I go--I realized she's really into Bible study, which I am not, and she specifially says that Bible study is a must-have. Oh well.

Besides, she didn't post a picture.

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