atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6627: Yesterday was a total loss, all right.

Did not end up logging on for the latter half of my shift. In fact, I went to bed before the usual quitting time came around. I was that tired.

Today I feel better. Woke up naturally around 8-ish and decided I'd hang out for a bit and look at the Internet. Still feel pretty rancid, mind you; my arms still ache with fatigue and my legs are only better by degree.

Oh well. Forge on.

* * *

These kinds of posts always make me feel as if the world is going to hell in a superluminal handbasket. The left is wetting itself with glee over the fire at Notre Dame, which does not surprise me even remotely.

But I have to remind myself that leftist institutions and groups, they're a front, a facade--and they are masters at keeping up appearances. The Soviet Union was a massive and unbeatable enemy--looked like one--right up until the moment it collapsed. Individual leaders are the very picture of health...right up until the moment they drop dead.

And they are absolutely quiet until they start losing. When they start losing, that is when they start screeching at top volume.

* * *

This is basically over who gets the money. Diego Garcia is a flyspeck on a map, but it's vital to US interests in that area of the world. The telling bit is this: "Mauritius wants the Chagos back, but at this point doesn’t object to the base. It certainly wants a bigger rent check...." I bet.

* * *

I have been a little skeptical of the reporting surrounding the picture of M87. All the reporting on it talks about how "groundbreaking" the observation was, but.

But the practice of using several discrete telescopes to provide a larger virtual aperture, that's not new, not even for radio telescopes. It's been done many times with ad hoc networks of instruments, too, as this observation was.

But the observation and the analysis of the data was done by a team of about 200 people. It's not the work of any one person.

But the woman highlighted by the coverage wrote something like 5% of the computer code that analyzed the data.

The only thing that's really unprecedented is the image itself. The coverage feels as if it's hyping this woman's contribution to the effort as something extraordinary. I haven't heard anything about who is led the project; was it her, or was it someone else? Who's in charge of those 200 people?

I don't know. Why can't we just be happy with the first-ever image of a black hole's accretion disk and move on? Why do we need to make it a triumph of feminsim?

* * *

This is pretty good.

* * *

Well, lets just take it easy, I guess. Plus side, today is Wednesday.

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