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#6630: What in the hell does THAT mean?

WTF is "passive collusion"? "I think what we have here is a case of passive collusion." How does someone passively collude? The definition of the word pretty much mandates action on the part of several parties.

Even the example provided--Trump retweeting messages posted by Russians--that's not collusion, repeating something that someone else said; if that's collusion then we can say the entire Democrat party has been colluding with Karl fucking Marx. Shit.

This is a fatuous load of horseshit, a Democrat trying desperately to squeeze something out of the massive nothingburger that the Mueller report turned out to be for them. Which it was going to be all along, because nothing illegal happened.

Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) seem to be losing their shit--er, further losing their shit--over the report's near-total exoneration of Trump. Let's face it: the report was looking in a dark cellar at midnight for a black cat that wasn't there, solely because the Democrats lost an election they expected to win, and they want to limit President Trump's ability to curtail them and their efforts at seizing total control of the United States.

There would not be so much effort being expended on nullifying the Electoral College if Hillary had won.

The expletive-laden paragraph blockquoted at the end of this piece neatly demonstrates how the less-unhinged Democrats view the situation. He uses "fuck" or "fucking" eight times in the quote, because apparently "novelist Bret Easton Ellis" only knows one intensifier, and "fuck" is it.

Pure friggin' gold:
MSNBC tool Brian Williams: My first question, I'm afraid, is going to verge on plain English. Where did the attorney general get off with that characterization this morning, including four mentions that there was no collusion? What document was he reading, compared to the one we’re left with?

President Trump's lawyer: Well, page two of the document says, "The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government in its election of interference activities." So it's right from the document itself.
Brian Williams is a hack, of course, having been relegated to MSNBC from his former post as their primary network news anchor because he "misrepresent[ed] events which occurred while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003", which is otherwise known as lying his ass off.

Though I must admit that the press' reaction to this is almost as entertaining as Trump's victory was. They were all so positive that the Mueller report would be the magic bullet that took out Trump, they now cannot cope with the fact that it's a huge pile of nothing, based on nothing, made of nothing. They are losing their shit in wholesale lots over it.
For the sake of their own mental health, I offer this advice to rattled, addled Lefties drowning in a sea of their own tears or collapsing into drooling catatonia all over the nation: You lost the 2016 election. Trump is, and will most likely remain, President of the United States until at least January 2021. Hillary!™ is not and never will be President. GET OVER IT. At long last, do what you so smarmily demanded Trump guarantee to during the debates: accept the results of an election you lost, rather than try to undo it by subversive, illegal, and treasonous means.
That's really the best you can do now, people.

The more of this nonsense that you maintain, the longer you keep beating a dead horse like this, the more crazy-ass leftards you front (like Mme. Horseteeth and the representative from Jihad, what's-her-face, "Some people did something" Omar), the more priests your people punch and the more traffic your goon squad snarls, the less appealing you look to the American people. They probably won't say so, because most people just want to live their lives in peace, but when it comes to voting they'll think about what you represent as opposed to the other guys...and believe me, no one wants to be represented by a pussy-hatted, frothing-mouthed nutbag.

Omar's comments about 9/11 being "some people did something" was a big tell, and the Democrat reaction to how Trump handled it indicates that they know she put her foot into something extra-stinky. In 2020 that comment is going to come back to haunt her, and if I were her opponent in that race I would plaster that thing everywhere in the district. I'd pay the NY Post to let me reproduce that front page. The only thing that could save her seat--the only thing--would be demographics, which is to say that if I were her opponent, the only way she could win the primary would be if there were enough Somalian muslims in her district to make her election a given.

A fiver says she got visited by "aides" to the big Democrat names who told her, in no uncertain terms, "STFU that horseshit, bitch, if you want to keep this seat."

* * *

Regarding that last link--the one about the guy punching a priest--it never fails to amaze me how these "brave warriors" never fail to pick targets which they identify as being weaker than they.

Priest has long white beard, has to be at least 50, is probably 60. Democrat has dark hair, not older than 40. "How's Trump?" "I don't know." *PUNCH*

You will notice that this paragon of tolerance did not pick a fight with someone younger and more fit than he. Of course not. He might have gotten hurt. It's so much easier to avoid getting the shit kicked out of you if you attack someone who won't fight back; that's why he punched a priest in the first place.

Words can't express the scathing contempt that I feel for these people. Not only because they think that violence is acceptable, but because they're so pusillanimous about it.

* * *

Trust me when I say that sea level rise is the least of your worries. Sea level has been rising steadily, it is true, but that rise is miniscule compared to the other factors cited in the article. "Consolidation, settlement, [and] subsidence."

Sea level rise has been clocked at something like an inch per century, or something of that magnitude. The levees protecting New Orleans will (absent maintenance) erode away before rising sea level is enough to swamp them.

* * *

Another Wednesday, another wilding. 500 "teens" in Millennium Park, and "...all of Millennium Park goes up and he's screaming for cars and they're fighting and pepper spraying each other!"

Apparently the "Magnificent Mile" went up, too.

"Guess who the bad guys are going to be again?" The police are always the bad guys, of course, regardless of circumstance. If it wasn't for the police stirring up trouble, why, Chicago would be peaceful all the time!

* * *

Optical computers are difficult. Current technology, using the developments mentioned in the article? A fully optical Core I7 processor would take up 48 square meters.

One issue here is that the size of optical devices is controlled by the wavelength of light you're working with. The article doesn't specify what wavelength they're working at, but to be called "light", electromagnetic radiation falls into a fairly narrow band (encompassing infrared through ultraviolet). Outside of that it's radio or x-rays (or gamma rays).

I've no doubt that optical computers are coming, and someday I'm sure we'll have purely optical machines--but the laws of physics must be obeyed, and I don't think optical computers will be as compact as electronic ones are. But they will be a lot faster.

* * *

The Air Force has wanted to be rid of the A-10 "Warthog" for decades; the problem is, it's just too useful. AF hates "close support". They don't want to do it; they want to drop bombs from 40,000 feet. At the same time, AF refuses to let other services provide their own close support. The Marines, for example, wouldn't mind having their own fleet of A-10s, especially since they're the ones who end up slogging through the mud. And when you find yourself face-to-face with tanks and/or artillery, the A-10 can take them out like no one's business.

But AF insists that airplanes are theirs, and that airplanes flying in-theater that are not Navy planes must be AF. Otherwise their bailiwick goes away.

But AF hates close support. But the military can't do without close support.

And so the A-10 keeps getting sent to the chopping block, only to be pulled back from it, because there are literally no other planes out there that can do what an A-10 can do.

I mean, they took a 30mm gatling gun and built an airplane around it, then armored the cockpit. It looks ungainly as sin, but when you're pinned down in the mud by artillery, you want something like that whizzing by right overhead. Not an F35 flying at 20,000 feet pointing a laser designator at a target while trying to avoid SAM fire.

I love the Warthog.

* * *

English (which in modern times should properly be called "American") is the most efficient language ever devised for conveying abstract information--entirely fitting to a race of tinkerers.
I do like that.

* * *

California's not the only place having trouble with legal weed. Amazing how government can fumble a sure thing like legalized weed. Sheesh.

* * *

So, over the past two days I've been binge-watching My Girlfriend is a Shobitch, which turned out to be most entertaining. That was on Amazon Prime; I started the first ep thinking I'd give it a try, and the next thing I knew I'd watched ep 5. So, yeah, pretty good. Shame there are only 10 eps of it.

Not sure which series I'll check out next. I have a bunch of them in my "watch later" queue, though.

* * *

Mongoose wants to play with hornbill. Cute and hilarious.

* * *

Just for the record: dried pineapple is extremely tasty. Dried kiwi looks like it would taste good, but in fact it tastes like tea. It's the seeds that give it that flavor. That's $5 I'll never get back.

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