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#6631: Impressionism

In general I don't have any use for impressionist paintings. That style of artwork has always left me cold; what impresses (heh) me the most is the photorealistic paintings, stuff that's paint on canvas but looks like a photograph.

In junior high, first day of 7th grade art class, "Monet-Manet-Renoir," a drumbeat of names with no explanation why we were supposed to like them. Much later in life, learning that it was part of the downward trajectory that led to "modern" art. Classical, impressionist, dada--and then meaningless horseshit. Paint splattered on canvas. Meaningless blobs or rectangles or other shapes of color.

In that context, then, when I look at impressionist paintings, in general I acknowledge that at least impressionist paintings look like something. And as a retrenchment from photorealism, it's understandable; impressionism came up about the time we were developing (heh) photography, so it even makes sense: we no longer need to paint images in realistic detail to capture them. But I never really liked the style.

But I have to admit to liking these.

* * *

If the Democrats impeach Trump, they will lose in 2020. Nancy Pelosi is smart enough to understand that. The "progressive" (communist) elements of the party, however, are too incontinent with Trump Derangement Syndrome even to think about not impeaching him.

In the absence of any proof of wrongdoing, in the absence of anything resembling an impeachable offense, the American people will usually get disgusted with any party which is seen as persecuting a President. (Ask Newt Gingrich in 1997 how well that went for him. And Clinton had actually broken the law!) The Democrats, right now, are starting to look...unhinged...and if there's any political ploy that Americans hate more than a witch hunt, I'm not sure what it is.

No one can predict the future, but from here I don't see any of this benefiting the Democrat party. Whether they like it or not, Trump is popular with "right of center" voters, most of them, and in the wake of the exoneration in the Mueller report they have nothing on which they can hang him.

There's a fine distinction here which must be addressed. Mueller's report purposely left the question of "obstruction of justice" wide open; and in fact no crime need have been committed in order for someone to be found guilty of obstruction of justice. I'm fairly confident that your view of a charge of "obstruction of justice" in this case will largely depend on how you voted in the last election; Trump fired James Comey because he was an idiot, but Democrats insist it was to keep him from investigating Trump, and from there comes the charge of "obstruction" (even though a President can fire the head of the FBI at any time for any reason). The people, generally speaking, won't care about that, though. "Trump didn't break any laws! Why are you impeaching him?" ...cue the comments, like "this is just a witch hunt" and "just let the guy do his job" and "man, the Democrats are nuts" and so forth.

Pelosi knows that impeachment will fail in the Senate; Democrats do not have the votes there to remove Trump, and historically any impeachment effort that fails leads to the impeaching party losing its majority, or at least to a loss of power. That's why Pelosi took it off the table: she recognizes this fact. The overt socialists in her party do not; if Pelosi can't keep them in line, and if the historical pattern is followed, it will cost them in 2020.

* * *

A lesbian Thor of color. You see, here's the thing: the people making these movies think those of us who watch them cannot possibly live without them. But that's not so; I lived just fine without the Marvel superhero movies for forty-plus years, and I can live just fine without them going forward. I have enjoyed nearly all of them thus far (missed seeing a couple and will not see Captain Marvel) and bought more than a few on DVD or BluRay; but these are luxuries and I don't need them to live a complete and satisfying life.

So they can do what they want; if they want Thor to be a black lesbian, let them do it. It literally does not matter to me. I think I'm done being outraged at the SJW crap, because it's all the same stuff--the same changes made for the same reasons--and for fuck's sake these are just movies.

Of late, I have come to realize something very, very important: my parents never really gave a rip about movies. Oh...Mom would kvetch about this or that movie departing greatly from the book it was based on, but that was because the changes were always crap. Dad looked at them as nothing but entertainment, and as far as I know he rarely rewatched 90% of the movies he saw. But they could take or leave them, didn't really care about them; and looking at my family at large--prior to my generation--that was more or less so for the lot of them.

I think that's why I was able to watch Mortal Engines without worrying about the typical SJW-isms it contained; they were just part of the background noise and I didn't let them distract me from the pretty pictures. It's a movie, it's all make-believe, none of it is real nor is it realistic--screw it, pass the popcorn. We just have to accept that logic and reason have no place in movies any longer, that--in the imaginary reality in which they exist--women can out-fight men of similar skill and conditioning, every couple is interracial, gay people are much more than 5% of the population, men are stupid, women are omnicompetent, and the obvious plot holes aren't really plot holes.

Yes, I know it's all due to sloppy writing. They don't teach composition any longer, and if you grade grammar, you're a racist.

So, the prospect that they want to make "the next Thor" be a black lesbian? First off, this is what they do and by now I'm used to it. What used to outrage me now merely makes me roll my eyes. And that's mainly because second, it really doesn't make any sense to change any of these people like that. (Except for SJW reasons.)

It goes back to an old argument a couple of friends of mine liked to have: who is Batman?

The one who wanted to be a comic artist insisted that the suit and the paraphernalia make Batman, so anyone could be Batman. The other one, the classicist, maintained that Bruce Wayne was Batman, and no one else could be. And although there are exceptions, I generally agree with the latter position.

Look: who is the Joker? Could anyone put on a purple suit and white face paint and grin a lot and be the Joker? No; there is only one Joker. Whatever you call him--Jack Napier or Jerome Valeska or whatever--the Joker is a specific person. Ditto for the Penguin and the Riddler. There can't be "a new Riddler" any more than there can be "a new George Washington", except metaphorically.

It's even more obvious when you consider people with superpowers. There's only one Superman, for example, even though approximately half the population of Krypton has visited Earth since the first comic book featuring Superman came out.

Okay, if some hispanic guy gets the same powers as Peter Parker and puts on a spider-suit, he does not become the Spider-man; at best he becomes A Spider-man and the business becomes a franchise. (You too can be Spider-man! Call this number for franchise opportunities in your area!)

So: a Thor is a black lesbian. *shrug*

You guys just keep shitting all over your intellectual properties and drive 'em right off a cliff. There will still be a great number of people looking for logical and entertaining escapism, and they'll stop paying attention to yours--making the pie bigger for the rest of us.

* * *

Googe is still a totalitarian left-wing organization. Big surprise.

* * *

So, San Francisco is a cesspool...literally. Vagrancy laws aren't enforced there because it's a "sanctuary city" for the homeless...with the result that there is shit in the streets to an extent which has not been seen since the horse-and-buggy was outmoded.

"Open air toilet" is about right. Migrants and the homeless don't care about public health. The laws aren't enforced because that gives the SJWs badfeelz. And if the sanitation situation is not rectified soon enough, the result will be pandemic.

I feel like I say this every time, probably because I do: we have laws on the books against vagrancy and public elimination because we know this is how we prevent the spread of disease. We ignore that experience at our peril.

* * *

However "woke" Silicon Valley is, "...however well it treats its workers, however well it provides for the people who work there, it isn't woke enough...." for SJW bitches. But:
...putting adolescent suicides in the same paragraph as college counseling does not really tell us what might or might be producing the depression and anxiety. We wonder about whether or not these children have stable homes. We want to know whether their parents are still married. Did they have family dinners? Did they die of overwork? Or did they die because the "woke" legions who set the moral tone for the place insist girls compete against boys. Are these children being damaged by systematic gender neutering? We do not know. Blaming it on capitalism feels like an adolescent's way of dealing with something she does not understand.
The girl in question says, among other things, "My classmates cried over getting an A- on a test, cried over getting fewer than 100 likes on their profile pictures, and cried over not getting into Harvard."

On that list, the only thing actually worth crying over is not getting into Harvard--and at that, getting into Harvard is a dubious honor anyway, IMHO. I have the average man's view of the Ivy League: you don't learn anything useful in those places. You make contacts and you end up with a piece of paper that opens a lot of doors, and like as not you end up making a lot of money...but you don't learn about what really matters and you certainly never get your hands dirty doing useful work.

Look: not everyone has what it takes to be an intellectual. Even people who go to school and take a shitload of AP classes and work their asses off. There is nothing wrong with that. Even if that A- keeps you from getting into Harvard, if you earned it, that's what's important.

I look at these people who cry about this stuff and I shake my head in dismay because dude, you have completely missed the point of everything. In a century, no one is going to care what school you went to and how many stocks you had in your portfolio--not because global warming made Earth into Waterworld, but because you're one person in a vast universe. You have to work--everyone has to work--but ultimately you're going to meet your maker, and He's not going to care if you have a degree from Harvard or Podunk Agricultural College.

* * *

I think most people don't recognize the problem here. "They're illegal aliens, so of course they're not getting welfare. I mean, how would they, without social security numbers or green cards?"

The fact is, though, that our government hands out money like candy on Halloween, to everyone who applies for it.

Actually, that's not entirely correct. The unwritten rule of the welfare system is "white people need not apply" because if you are white, all the rules apply to you and you must truly be in dire straits to qualify for aid. However, if you are black; if you are hispanic; and especially if you are an illegal alien, hoo boy, the floodgates open for you and you can get all kinds of government cheese.

...which is why they come.

We have illegal immigration because we allow it and because we reward it. We let them in; we don't deport; when they are here we give them money and we give them jobs. The government does not enforce the laws against it, except in haphazard fashion.

If we simply enforced the laws that are on the books, the flow of illegals would reverse itself. But we do not enforce those laws.

* * *

You cannot tell people the right answer without getting in trouble, even when lives are at stake. The comments are full of horror stories.

My current doctor and I are of an age. I don't know what I'll do when he decides to retire.

* * *

Missing from the source: what the fuck happened. We are told that a voice actor, formerly employed by Funimation doing English dubs of anime, was fired from his job after a bunch of people said (apparently incorrectly) that he was a sexual predator.

"Apparantly incorrectly" because you don't file defamation lawsuits if you're not defamed. But the article doesn't say what was said, nor does it give information on why it's defamatory. What prompted these people to say what they said?

Vox Day paints this as more SJW horseshit, but there's no explanation given why. Is this guy a right-winger? Did he wear a MAGA hat to a dub session?

A proper news story answers who, what, where, when, why, how but this story only manages what and where, barely touching on who.

* * *

You know what's annoying? I must cut-and-paste things a hundred times a day doing my job. CTRL-C to copy, CTRL-V to paste. A hundred times a day, no problem.

...yet when I am writing a blog post, for some reason, I try to hit CTRL-B to paste, which closes my bookmarks bar. I never hit CTRL-B on my work computer. I never hit it in any other application. I only do it here, writing a blog post, in Pale Moon.


* * *

I like to think that I'm not anything special in the brains department. But I have been saying since I took a poltical science class in college in 1993 that the Nazis were socialists, that fascism is in fact a left-wing ideology, and that far from being on the opposite side of the political spectrum from communism it was just a variant of marxism.

Thus, I feel vindicated by pieces like this.

Let's face it: the idea that fascism was the opposite of socialism is a product of socialist thinkers who desperately needed to counterbalance the violence of marxism with something from the right side of the political spectrum. "Well, there have been some bad behaviors from leftists, but Hitler was a right-winger!"

Except it's not true. It's a lie. Hitler was a socialist. The Holocaust was the result of a left-wing ideology. Fascism descends from marxism.


* * *

Saturday! It's chilly, but sunny, and time for fun!

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