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#6632: "Easter worshippers and tourists".

THEY ARE CALLED CHRISTIANS, YOU ASSHOLES. The Democrats and the media BIRM is going out of its way to find any other way to characterize the victims of islamic terrorism than as "Christians", because if people in general figure out that muslims are targeting Christians based on the fact that Christians are not muslims, there will be hell to pay.

"Islam: 'How many more innocent people will we have to murder before the world realizes we are the religion of peace?'"


Oh, well, some people did some things. I guess it's no real problem.

One retort I liked: the Representative from Jihad, Ilhan Omar, complained that she's getting death threats. The retort approximated, "Why are you upset? That was just some people that said things."

* * *


...18 parts per billion. EPA has set the standard at 10 ppb, but I remember from a prior Fungus about arsenic in beverages that someone would have to drink something like 40,000 gallons to be in any danger of possibly having problems from arsenic poisoning.

In one day. Because the amount of water (or beverage) a person typically drinks in a day doesn't contain enough arsenic to overwhelm the body's ability to be rid of it, at least not when we're talking about concentrations so tiny that you'd need a frigging electron microscope to see them.

* * *

Oh, give me a break. A movie about two black kids who invent time machines, and then use them to try to save their brother's life after he dies, following "an encounter with police officers".

When you look at the overall statistics for black deaths due to homicide, a very striking pattern comes out: most blacks are killed not by police officers, but other black people. In fact what usually happens is that blacks usually victimize other blacks much more than they victimize other races. (Though blacks victimize other races more than those other races do themselves.)

The article says what happens when "older brother Calvin" has his "encounter with police officers", and it says that the "trigger-happy NYPD officer Bryce"--naturally a white man--"...mistakes Calvin pulling a cell phone out of his pocket for a weapon and shoots him dead."

On the other hand, if you do not try to run, if you cooperate, say "yes, sir" and "no, sir" and do what he tells you (especially without him having to repeat himself), and in general act with courtesy and resepct, things will go a lot smoother and you are much more likely to survive your "encounter with police officers". That includes, by the way, keeping your hands out of your pockets. A cop has no way of knowing what you're reaching for. He doesn't know what you have in your pocket. You may have a cell phone or a pack of gum in there; but regardless of what you want to take out of your pocket leave it in there until and unless he asks you for it.

But out here in the real world, in general, the only time police shoot people is when those people are attacking them with deadly weapons. Okay, if you pull a gun on a cop, he'll probably shoot you--whether you're white, black, or green with purple polka dots. And believe it or not cops don't go right to "SHOOT HIM!" because there is an incredible amount of paperwork and bureaucratic bullshit that accompanies even the most justified shooting, and cops will attempt to defuse and deescalate the situation rather than draw their sidearms because of that. (And most cops don't want to shoot anyone in the first place.)

But a cop will shoot if he thinks his life's in danger. And if you're in a tense situation where cops are shouting at you to GET DOWN! GET ON THE GROUND! you leave that joker alone and get down on the ground like they're telling you.
This is also a time travel movie with a strong social conscience and a potentially powerful message. "I started this project when Mike Brown and Eric Gardner were murdered [in 2014]," Bristol said in a statement last year. "And we are still dealing with deadly police misconduct. I made this film because I don't want the conversation on police brutality to slow down."
"Mike Brown" was the guy who shoplifted cigars from a convenience store and then resisted arrest. That was a justified shooting. Eric Gardner was the guy who had asthma and who got put in a chokehold. Why did he get put in a chokehold? He resisted arrest.

Any time--any time--that you resist arrest, the police are legally justified in doing whatever is required to place you under arrest. If you want to avoid getting hurt, the best thing to do is cooperate because the police are allowed to take you into custody, to detain you, even if you have not committed any crime--and if you're innocent, the worst thing you can possibly do is resist arrest, because you go from being innocent of a crime to being put in jail for resisting arrest.

But those guys were not resisting arrest because they were innocent. They were resisting arrest because they knew they had committed crimes and they didn't want to go to jail. And thus, characterizing their deaths as "murder" is hyperbole.

...with the result that this movie is nothing more than BLM propaganda. But if you are really concerned about black people dying, the first place to look is at the black communities themselves where so many black murders take place, and at the people who are doing the actual killing. Not at the cops.

* * *

That college should revoke this pus-head's degree. $58,000 worth of property damage, in the US on a student visa--so he should be deported afterwards.

* * *

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The female predilection for "bad boys" often blinds them to the obvious: if he has killed his former girlfriend, he is pretty likely to kill you too.

* * *

The existence of Jesus is better supported by history than that of Caesar or Alexander the Great.

* * *

Sitting there in a coffee shop typing away on a computer that costs more than some peoples' annual incomes--believe me, you guys are richer than Croesus. El Horseteeth said, "An entire generation, which is now becoming one of the largest electorates in America, came of age and never saw American prosperity," and she is more full of shit than usual.

The real fact here is that an entire generation came of age and never saw true want or privation. Okay, if you think you're suffering because you can't afford to buy an iPhone X and you have to muddle through on your iPhone 8, get a fucking clue.

* * *

It leads to mass murder and horror every time it's tried.

* * *

This is actually how it works, too. They are not interested in dialogue; they are only interested in stifling all other opinions.

* * *

Kim du Toit is not a racist man. But he is a realist.

* * *

Watched Patlabor 2 last night, rediscovered how f-ing good the music is (Kenji Kawai FTW) and was listening to the tracks I ripped to HDD lo these many years ago (like twenty) and discovered something really good. The track is "IXTL" and I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that it fell off my radar--but after twenty years of increasingly ambient music I found I quite liked it. Headphones for full effect:

Anyway, the music kept skipping. Today just before work started I ripped it anew, and this time the whole track came down...and was surprised that I had not in fact ripped the entire disk. Then I realized that's not actually all that surprising; in 1999 hard drives had a thousandth of the capacity of current drives and MP3 encoding was more lossy than it is now.

So, once I'm off work, me and the CD player have a date with this disk.

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