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#6633: Can I Tell You

Literally the first song by Kansas to be put on an album, their eponymous first album Kansas:
Can I tell you something
Got to tell you one thing
If you expect the freedom
That you say is yours
Prove that you deserve it
Help us to preserve it
Or being free will just be
Words and nothing more
Copyright 1972. Still true, and a hardcore right-wing message.

The album ends with "The Death of Mother Nature Suite" which is pretty much 1970s environmentalism, of course.

If you want to listen:

I had not really listened much to "Kansas" as I primarily like the stuff they started doing in Masque and later albums. But bands that produce bad first albums generally don't produce second ones, and listening through it, I realize this is actually really good stuff. The album was released in 1974 and it sounds like it, but rock was doing different things than what Kansas was doing back then. The performances are tight and the sound is really good.

As proof that this is definitely early Kansas, you can hear Kerry Livgren doing backup vocals on at least one song. On the later albums he left vocals to Steve Walsh and Robby Steinhardt. Livgren can sing, but he doesn't like the sound of his voice--and that's a shame, because if you listen to "Whiskey Seed" from his solo album Seeds of Change, he's quite capable. There are certain songs where his voice is perfect (and that was one of them).

Great music.

* * *

I've got about 450,000 links and I'm not even finished with the pre-blog surf, and none of them are dross, so we'd better wade in. I'm just not sure where to start.

* * *

It is never a hate crime when a black person harms a white one based primarily on race. That's because black people, being oppressed, cannot be racists. Don't you know anything?
Blacks aren’t disproportionately stopped for speeding because police hope to find drugs on them: they’re disproportionately stopped for speeding because they disproportionately speed. In 2002, Heather Mac Donald wrote in City Journal about a New Jersey study that said black drivers speed twice as much as white drivers. [Resetting the profile odometer, by Linda Seebach, Washington Times, March 12, 2003 ]
And they complain for getting ticketed for having their windows tinted. Most jurisdictions limit the amount of tint cars may have on their front windows; but the darkness of the front windows of a car is a pretty reliable indicator of the race of a car's driver. And when ticketed for it, they don't have the tint removed; the next time they're pulled over for something, they complain about getting another ticket for the violation. Window tint is generally not a "primary enforcement" issue like speeding, but if your windows are too dark and you get pulled over for something which is a primary enforcement issue, you'll get the ticket for that, too.

And you will keep getting ticketed for it as long as they're too dark. This is not "oppression" or "racism" but you ignoring the fricking law.

Another hate crime ignored by the media. Black man deliberately runs over two young white boys.

* * *

Why sue the feds? It's not their fault. The municipality is at fault. Your drinking water isn't supplied by the federal government; it's supplied by your municipality, your local city or town or village. They're the ones who screwed up.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the people you elected are the ones who screwed it up.

* * *

Someone explain to me how this is not an act of war. Mexico ought to be paying dearly for this kind of thing.

They do not.
I furthermore watched in real time as two Mexican cops patrolling the fenceline (which they didn't do routinely in that area) shot at two attempted crossers, not for trying to get across, which happened in that area with tedious regularity, but for trying it on their own, without a coyote on the cartel payroll, nor paying the $1-2K cartel "fee" for such exploits, which meant those cops weren't getting their cut from them either. And there was no "Alto! Manos arriba!" Mexican Miranda pretense, either. Those cops jumped out shooting, doing full mag dumps on sight when they glimpsed the two would-be crossers. I suspect they killed them, as we didn't see them re-attempt the crossing, and never saw the Mexican po-po hauling anyone off to jail afterwards. This is not a playground, kids. Big Boy Rules apply in full force. This is just what happens there.
It is time, and past time, to close the fucking border.

"...the US military is either totally unwilling or totally unable to defend the US citizenry, the American people, or the borders of the USA."

* * *

I DO NOT WANT TO BE ON MEDICARE OR MEDICAID. I don't want it. I do not want it. If Big Government gets it way I will not have a choice.
Obviously, Medicare for all is a dodge. It is really about Medicaid for all. It's about providing substandard medical treatment for everyone, and that includes citizens, non-citizens and illegal immigrants. The plan, touted by Uncle Bernie, promises the world and assures us that we can afford it. After all, we are rich so we can afford anything. One can only gasp in disbelief at a nation with over $22 trillion in debt claiming to be rich.
We cannot afford it, it will only further wreck the medical system, and the people trying to foist it on us will be exempt from it.

Obamacare has already wrecked what was once the most effective health care system in the world. We paid a lot, but we got a lot for what we paid. Today, even without the system being fully socialized, it's an ungodly mess. You can't get pain medication when you need it. It takes two or three visits to get anything fixed. You know who the best doctors are because you have to wait to see them. Most of the time, you'll be seen by a physician's assistant--a nurse with a PhD--who may not actually be any fucking good at all (I present with a scratched cornea; she says, "You have cataracts; go see an opthamologist.") or you will get someone from a foreign country who speaks English with a thick accent and who can't be bothered to evaluate your condition before issuing a diagnosis (I present with pain in my forearm; he says, "It's carpal tunnel! You work with computers, so it's carpal tunnel.").

Thanks to Obamacare we have a health care system that costs a lot and doesn't work nearly as well as it did even ten years ago.

Socialized medicine ruins the standard of care and it doesn't save any money and the result is always the death panels that Sarah Palin warned us about.

* * *

The Democrats are still mad that they can't put on their face-stomping boots.

* * *

The lying liars are losing audience share because people are getting wise to the fact that they are lying liars.

* * *

Oh, this is going to be lovely. All In The Family featured a caricature of a right-winger--the left's idea of what a right-winger was--and misunderstood why the series was popular. It was not popular because Archie Bunker was portrayed as a stupid bigot, but because right-wingers heard their opinions on TV and they have the capacity to laugh at themselves. Leftitsts liked it for the same reason they liked Colbert Report: it made fun of conservatives.

But this reboot that CBS is planning--it's going to make Archie Bunker into a frothing-at-the-mouth parody, something that goes beyond caricature.
One can probably assume this will be the anti-Roseanne wherein Archie Bunker's ignorant beliefs will likely be meant to reflect the left's modern prejudices about the American right.
I just said that's what the original one did. This one will be more obvious and less connected with reality.

And it will suck, more than the first one did. I mean, in the first one, at least Archie Bunker was human; even if you thought his politics were neanderthal he was still a likable character and he had principles and ethics and morals. A fiver says this new version will have none of that. He'll just be an unremediated shit.

* * *

There is still drama to be had in the British royal family. Maybe not quite as exciting as the renaissance-era bodice-rippers that pass for historical television right now, though.

* * *

The achievement gap comes down to two basic issues. The first is that the different races approach education in a different fashion. Jews and asians generally look at education as of paramount importance, and typically they are very involved in their childrens' educations.

White people are less so. Black people are very much less so, to the point that in some circumstances kids who attempt to learn anything in school are bullied for "acting white".

The results are obvious.

* * *

The Kato Kaelins of the Jussie Smollett case sue the guy for defamation. It sure is interesting:
Smollett's attorney insisted [lied] publicly that the Nigerian brothers had actually attacked Smollett, and in earnest, not as part of a pre-arranged scam, but with the intention of harming him and without his consent.

That, they say, is defamation, and I don't think there are many people who disagree.
That entire imbroglio is ludicrous, bordering on farce.

* * *

Autoplay warning: pedophilia is being taught as a "sexual orientation" in some California schools.
Consider: With "sexual orientation" increasingly becoming a legally protected category across almost half of the states already--with Congress working on it too--the implications of defining pedophilia and pederasty as such are hard to overstate. For instance, in California, "discrimination" based on "sexual orientation" is prohibited. If pedophiles simply have a different "sexual orientation," does that mean schools are required to hire them?
The short answer is "yes". The left is aiming to normalize pedophilia, to convert it from a perversion into another sexual orientation. And so they will do their damnedest to force you to accept sexual predators working in close proximity with your children.

Imagine how you would be treated if you objected, right now, to a homosexual teaching your kid. Anything--math, English, art, sports, anything. Understand, the left wants you to be afraid to open your mouth about pedophiles the same way. Whether you like it or not, you'll have to accept it.

Like this.
Based on the silencing tactics revealed by the LGBT lobby, many observers are likely now thinking: "Gee, I thought marriage equality was merely a gay rights movement. I didn't realize that fascism was part of that package." The Great Unraveling continues at a rapid clip when slipping on a pronoun in these days of transgender rule could cost you your career or earn you massive social media rallies chanting "hater" at you.
Fascism was always part of the package.

* * *

THe 737 MAX is not a good airplane and I don't want to fly on it.

* * *

All that hybrid crap and the excess nonsense raise the price of the vehicle but don't enhance durability or utility. They also don't need a four-door cab or a hybrid drivetrain or any of the other crap. And the "Classic" version is four thousand dollars cheaper, which doesn't hurt at all.

* * *

These days I'm glad to get the exercise so I no longer want a robotic mower, thanks.

* * *

Finishing the blog post at 9:42 PM. How pathetic.

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