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#6635: Why is there so MUCH of it?

Like, millions of links today. I don't get it. But I'd better get cracking.

* * *

1,600 illegal aliens dumped in New Mexico.
"I reject the federal contention that there exists an overwhelming national security crisis at the southern border, along which are some of the safest communities in the country. However, I recognize and appreciate the legitimate concerns of residents and officials in southwestern New Mexico, particularly Hidalgo County, who have asked for our assistance, as migrants and asylum-seekers continue to appear at their doorstep," said [New Mexico governor] Lujan Grisham.
"There's no crisis. Las Cruces just has to settle 1,600 illegal aliens in their city of 100,000 citizens and pony up $75,000 for services for them."

And check this out: "Mayor Ken Miyagishima told the local newspaper that most of the migrants move out quickly. He said, '75 percent are gone.' He explained the City is providing resources to about 250 people at any given time." Do you know where those 75% go? Anywhere else. They do their best to disappear; they never show up for their asylum hearings. Because THEY ARE NOT SEEKING ASYLUM.

* * *

This is an apt quote.
All progressives ever actually produce is death: dead cultures, dead countries, dead economies, dead higher education, dead races, dead children, dead babies, and a dead future. The ultimate purpose of progressivism is that we might have death, and that we might have it more abundantly.
That's exactly what it's about. That's why socialism leads to horror and mass murder every time it's tried. It's not a bug; it's a feature. That's what it's for, is to kill people, and to get them to line up to vote for being killed.

* * *

Send that bitch back to the shithole that spawned her.

* * *

The 737MAX is not a 737; it is a new type and must be treated as such. It's a really bad design, too.

* * *

All the rest of them were muslim attacks on Christians and their churches. It does kind of boggle the mind that the fire at Notre Dame was not, you know?

The headlines should have approximated this: "Islamic Suicide Bombers Slaughter Three Hundred on Easter Morning"

...but of course we mustn't be islamophobic, right?

* * *

Kelo v New London was a sick abuse of eminent domain.

* * *

This I would go for in a big way.

* * *

There should be no doubt as to what causes you to get pregnant, nor how to avoid it. If you don't want a baby, don't have unprotected sex.

* * *

Hell yes I'd eat it. You know why? Because that cow didn't have a name; if anything it had a tag in its ear. Stupid asshat animal rights people.

Love the comments, too:

"I remember when they used to post about the killed date and people were like 'yeah that would prove we were getting fresh meat' lol"

"If we dont eat it, Chloe died in vain guys!"

* * *

"Respect goes both ways. Unless you're a man or don't agree with us". Another comment asks, "What if I identify as female?"

* * *

Well, at least it's Wednesday evening. We have that much going for us.

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