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#6636: I am skeptical of the utility.

Basically, a torpedo with a 10,000 mile range...moving at 60 MPH. How quiet is that torpedo? Anyone who read The Hunt For Red October knows what happens when a submarine makes too much noise. If you know that the curtain has gone up and the Russians have launched cruise torps and you can track the damned things--well, think it over.

* * *

Sure, buddy. I'll put that one right next to "free energy". The idea is that a magnetic field can produce gravity waves. That's not new, though--Robert Forward talked about chargewarps in his book Indistinguishable From Magic and the idea was not his in the first place. The physics of hyperdrive in my SF depends on the fact that you can substitute charge for mass when it comes to using a black hole to make a space warp.

In this article, we're told some guy has worked out a few sums that "prove" the possibility. But the articles from that site are basically useful only for wrapping fish and I don't know why I haven't already unfollowed them.

* * *

Why are you mad? This is what you voted for!
"We have homeless people. I see them every day, and they're nice people, but this is going to attract more. I used to love the city and be proud of the city. Now I'm not anymore. It's dirty, and it's ugly," said resident Stacey Reynolds-Peterson.
You elected politicians to represent you who put the policies in place which resulted in this. Maybe you need to think about electing different politicians, people who realize that we have vagrancy laws for a reason, and not just to be mean to people. That would be a good start.

* * *

Even a minute increase in the speed of light would result in us thinking that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, when it's not. A few billion light-years is a long distance, and an increase in the speed of light that happens while light is traveling would red shift that light. It would not have to be a big change. And the farther the light travels, the greater that red shift would be.

* * *

Lots of islamic terrorists come from rich families.

* * *

Speaking of dubious utility, Amtrak is something that has long been outmoded. I, too, would be sad to see the end of intercity rail travel, but let's be realistic: there's no economic need for it. If there were, companies would be making money hand over fist selling it--but the only intercity passenger rail line in the US is Amtrak, a federal government operation. It's a waste of money. It can't earn a profit (it never has) and literally every other form of intercity travel is more efficient.

* * *

That figure is the subsidized figure. Now that Teddy Kennedy is dead, they're going to be able to build the thing.

The article talks about the contract price for electricity, which is to say what the owners of the windmill will sell their kilowatt-hours for. Not mentioned anywhere in the article is how much the owners will be paid by the federal government to build the thing in the first place, how much they will be paid per kilowatt-hour generated.

Simple fact, though, is that all renewable energy projects are subsidized by the government for the simple reason that if they were not subsidized, the price of electricity would "necessarily skyrocket". Proponents of "renewable energy" want the price of it to be lower than that of coal, but that's impossible, so they play games with the figures.

And by the way, always remember that the actual production of power from a wind installation is 20% of the rated capacity. These windmills will provide 160 MW, not 800.

* * *

Utterly delusional. The place with the 18% "man tax" is run by a couple of real winners.
The man tax blew up the internet, an idea we didn't think was too radical and yet the way the world responded showed us how fragile masculinity is and solidified the necessity for us to confront and dismantle patriarchy.
Lady, the internet didn't "blow up" because masculinity is fragile. It "blew up" because you're a freak and a lunatic.

Related: The lives many women live, because they were sold a bill of goods by feminism.
Nothing spells empowerment quite like being a wage slave to global capital. Go to college, gain twenty pounds, take a dozen or two (or more) guys to bed, maybe get a masters, learn to loathe your family--especially your father--and the culture you grew up in, move to the city with your six figures in debt to start work in HR for GloboHomo, Inc., struggle to pay a two thousand dollar a month rent for a glorified broom closet, gain ten to twenty more pounds, take another dozen or two (or more) men to bed, experiment with a few chicks, wake up and you're thirty, swiping through Tinder for the man of your dreams, no kids, a thousand miles from your immediate family, making $40,000 a year. You'll have to get some new clothes soon, the waistband is getting a little tight on your jeans (again). Some hair-dye, too, because you've noticed a few grays around the temples. You haven't been able to pay off your student loan debt yet because the interest keeps accumulating. You were passed up for a promotion at work in favor of a mulatto tranny who's been there a quarter of the time you have.
* * *

I agree. "Heck, why not let them waterboard everyone?" I'm not surprised the ATF is doing this. They'd do far worse if they could. That department is out of control and never should have been formed in the first place.

* * *

This touches on something I discussed in #6232: "Easter worshippers and tourists".
...there is no provision for "self-defense" where an arrest is concerned.

Persons are REQUIRED BY LAW to submit to an arrest and then seek redress via the civil process should said arrest be determined to unlawful. Otherwise, everyone will be resisting on the street for even petty offenses and the law of the jungle will apply--with a lot more people getting shot.
This is the way it is--and moreover, this is how it must be, for exactly the reason Second City Cop cites.

* * *

A couple of related items here:

Baltimore's mayor skips town while the FBI raids her home and office. That's what happens when you engage in "brazen, cartoonish corruption," I guess.

And: Why be surprised that Pritzker might be on the hook for tax evasion? We knew he did this before the election last year, but the Illinois Democrat party had stuffed the ballot boxes enough that he won anyway. The result is that Pritzker will be saved from conviction primarly by the little (D) after his name. Also because he's richer than Croesus.

* * *

Air travel is no fun. It will take a bit more than a few unctuous words to convince me otherwise.

* * *

Economics is the study of scarcity. However, in a country where the poor are fat and have smartphones, poverty is relative because stuff is no longer scarce.

A good read, not too long or technical.

* * *

The difference between the "religion of peace" and Christianity. One is actually peaceful. The other is a death cult.

* * *

Fuel filters! Heh.
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