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#6637: If she doesn't get that bowstring away from her face, she'll need cosmetic surgery

If that bow has any kind of pull on it at all--which is to say, if it's actually an effective weapon and not a toy--when she looses, it'll take off the tip of her nose. If the character is actually an experienced archer and can hit anything at all she'd know better not to do what she is doing in that image.

There is a reason the Amazons allegedly cut off their right breasts, in order to be able to use bows. It had nothing to do with giving the patriarchy the finger.

* * *

On socialized education:
The point of the modern "educational" establishment is the exact opposite of what it used to be--instead of helping you to form your own character, it's designed to make sure you never do. If you have no sense of yourself--if you're not allowed to have an identity of your own--then you'll blissfully embrace the one they provide you.
This has actually been true for a rather long time. In the 1980s if you showed any signs of not conforming to the norm, the school faculty was completely uninterested in your well-being.

* * *

If you are not a rich Hollywood actor, you get treated differently than those who are. That's the Chicago way.

* * *

You can complain about white people appropriating other cultures as soon as you give up all the benefits of MODERN CIVILIZATION. Until then, STFU.

* * *

If you have any questions about why the First Amendment says what it says, and means what it means, read this. But the protections afforded by that amendment mean all speech is protected, not just speech which doesn't make SJW/NPC asshats uncomfortable.

* * *

I now have nothing but contempt for George W. Bush. To be fair, I was already starting to dislike him by 2006, 2007, but kept my mouth shut because at the time I still thought the GOP stood for something other than "Democrat Lite". After that he was no longer in power so there was no point to saying anything about him. But:
It's clear, in retrospect, that George W. Bush's supine acceptance of the abuse the elite heaped upon him was not because he was too classy and too decent to respond in kind. Since Obama left office and he rediscovered his vocal cords, Bush has had zero problem trashing Trump and Trump supporters who, like many of us, stood by Bush in the '00s while Bush was treading water in a sea of mediocrity. No, it's clear that W was afraid to fight back against fellow members of the ruling class. He cared about being part of the club.
George W. Bush has turned out to be a contemptible lout--just not for the reasons that the left had for saying so in the first place.

* * *

Well, WTF, is she high on meth or something? The mayor of Baltimore, having absconded to keep herself out of the FBI's hands, apparently "isn't lucid enough" to make a decision about resigning. She's reportedly in "poor health" and can't think straight.

That's what happens when you drink too much. Maybe you should send her somewhere to dry out or get clean or whatever.

* * *

If you stop punishing theft, you get more of it. How hard is that to understand? Chicago is a shitshow.

* * *

AIEEEEEE MAKE THE MONSTER GO AWAY MOMMY ho-lee shit that just about made me soil me armor.
I had to do a double-take as I couldn't discern if the characters were human or mannequin, and I wondered just WTF was going on with psychotranny's world-eating mouth and gamma ray-emitting sanpaku eyes.

And the boy wasn’t that long ago this scene would alert child protective services.
And the caption for the picture itself is also comedy gold--well, tragicomedy gold: "And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power."

It is hard to imagine the US as Weimar-era Germany, but if the left is allowed to gain the power it seeks the result will make Nazi Germany look like a birthday party.

* * *

So, last night I had a hankering to watch some anime, and having run out of My Girlfriend is a Shobitch I decided I would have a gander at...something else I can't remember the title of but which I put on my watch list for Amazon Prime. Only it turned out to cost extra ($2.99 per ep) so I said "Fuck that noise" and went to the next thing in line: After the Rain.

Basic setup is that Akira is a 17-year-old girl who was a track star until she blew an Achilles tendon; now she works part-time in a "family restaurant" because she's infatuated with the restaurant's manager, who's a 45-year-old man.

This series is absolutely gorgeous. I have not seen animation like this for a long time. It does stuff that Maison Ikkoku and the first season of Ranma 1/2 did, giving us long sweeping scenes which are there to do nothing but set the mood. And it does that handsomely, regardless of whether it's a bright summer day or a gloomy, rainy one. The artwork is fantastic.

Plot-wise, it's also really engaging. I watched six episodes at one sitting, and probably would have watched the whole thing if it had been Friday night rather than Thursday.

The man, Kondou-san, is totally not-creepy. He doesn't believe Akira's really in love with him. He's reluctant even to acknowledge it when she tells him she likes him. He tries to talk her out of it, he assumes it's just a prank, he does everything he can to keep their relationship on the up-and-up. He is, in short, a good guy, tries not to encourage her, tries to show her that he's just a middle-aged man who is never going to be anything special. Kondou is not the kind of man to take advantage of a girl like that, and in fact he wants to protect her innocence. Ironically, his efforts to dispel whatever illusions she might have only serve to strengthen her resolve.

I've only seen six eps so this whole thing may go pear-shaped later, but so far it is an amazing series and I can't recommend it enough.

Related: it got me to thinking about the kind of stories I see from Hollywood; and when I watch this kind of anime series it occurs to me again that this sort of stuff is why I watch anime in the first place.

In Hollywood, "romance" is two people tongue-wrestling before they rip their clothes off and jump into bed. Or it's sexual tension between two people who want to have sex with each other but can't, for whatever reason. Regardless of circumstance, "love" means "let's have sex right now and as much as possible!"

But in anime--most anime, non-hentai anime--if there is actual romance, it's romantic. Sex may or may not be the end result, but it only happens after the two characters are well and truly committed to each other. Kimi ni Todoke was a good example, and it was only very heavily implied. (There are tons of stories where people have sex, too, and do romance "Hollywood-style", and I usually do not bother with those.)

* * *

I fully expect Endgame to be the last Marvel Universe movie I bother to watch.

* * *

Well! About 3.5 hours left before my weekend begins. I guess you can't beat that.

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