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#6638: I am not, after all, going to cut the grass today.

The rain alone was a good enough reason, but it has been SLEETING.

* * *

White people staying the hell out of Baltimore because it's "vibrant".
Oh, the writer of the OpEd actually admits this too:
Your retort to me might very well be, "If I go to the city, I'm likely to end up at Shock Trauma."

"No place better," I might respond, "They really know what they're doing--world class."
And there it is. Getting shot, knifed, raped, robbed or beaten ought to be on your agenda! We have a great hospital to take care of that!
Why, that's racist! How dare he?

Baltimore doesn't have HeyJackass but it does have this site from the Sun, which says 89 homicides so far this year. For comparison ****Cago has managed 125. Of course ****cago has 2.7 million people in the city while Baltimore has 611,000! So on a per-capita basis ****cago manages 1 in 21,600 killed thus far this year while Baltimore has done 1 in roughly 6,800, or three times ****cago's rate.
Baltimore actually manages to be worse than Chicago, by a fair margin.

I don't understand why the op-ed piece is so insistent that whites must come back to Baltimore. I mean, isn't any culture as good as any other? By that standard, then, Baltimore should easily be able to rejuvenate itself regardless of what the demographics are like. We are reliably told that to suggest otherwise is racist, that white people aren't more capable of generating stable economic environments than any other race is--so why does Baltimore need white people to come back to it?

* * *

Only government could be this stupid. Taxes account for $0.66 per gallon plus an excise of 2.25% on the total purchase price (so you are paying 2.25% tax on the $0.66 in taxes you are paying as well as the rest of the price of that gallon of gas).

...and then the California state governor demands that there be an investigation into why gas prices are so high.

Typical Democrat: raise prices, demand to know why prices are so high, all the while cackling with glee because the high prices are what they want in the first place.


* * *

You know, speaking of racism, we have this lovely bit of hypocrisy. The fight against apartheid was led by communists. Mandela and his wife were communists. The sitting government is communist. And, big surprise:
Apartheid legally divided South Africans into groups of whites, blacks, Indians and "Coloured," a term meaning people deemed to be of mixed race.

The remnants of system were swept away a quarter-century ago, and today the notion of race remains as discredited as is segregation. Yet the term "Coloured" is still widely used today -- and complaints of exclusion are common.
Color me shocked that the black majority government is racist against people who are not black. Pun intended.

* * *

There is a reason that feminism is veiled communism.
she argues, and reports on the works of feminist theorists, to the effect that the workplace should restructure itself to accommodate feminist fantasies.

This would make it possible for more men to remain at the pinnacle of their professions while spending less time on call. Since the global marketplace, and the competition coming from around the world has produced this system, the natural conclusion would be that feminists need to convince everyone everywhere to change the way they work and the way they bring up children. It sounds like a pipe dream, because it is a pipe dream.

This propagandizing will produce one singular result. Some men, having taken the bait, will work less, will demand more time to care for their children, and will fall behind in the race to corporate excellence. Then, their wives will disparage them as losers.
...then divorce them and complain that there are no good men.

* * *

The most heartening thing about the whole Mueller fiasco is that the Democrats are not changing the subject, but doubling down on it. And this quote is especially good: "Impeach, I say. Impeach, and be damned."


* * *

They call it "white slavery". And yes, it's evil and needs to be stopped.

* * *

Went out to run a couple of errands. Dodged raindrops on my way into the bank; on the way out it was sleeting, and it kept going the entire rest of the time I was out. It's reverted to rain now, but for how long?

* * *

In the past few days I've added about 20 pages to AV. The final war in this story has begun. Other things are afoot. Ought to be most entertaining.

* * *

But! After pounding out another 5 pages of story I was up until 4 AM watching After the Rain and loving every minute of it. Not sure how many eps are left, but damn is it worth it.

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