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So, the last week it's rained nearly every day. It was nice on Sunday; otherwise, rain, rain, sleet, snow, rain. Thunderstorms yesterday and today. April showers. WTF.

* * *

Meanwhile I need an ark for the deluge of links I have today. There are a few I closed reluctantly and I'm still scrolling tabs, so let's get going.

* * *

Venezuela is going down in flames. The people have had enough of the bullshit that is part and parcel of socialism, and so there is now an uprising.

They've had their "armored vehicle versus protestors" moment a la Tianenman Square, with approximately the same results. Reportedly the government has successfully flattened the revolt.

This time.


As this post was going up I saw a notification to the effect that the Venezuela government has shut down CNN and BBC there. This probably means mass executions that they don't want the world to see. I hope I am wrong.


* * *

The answer is, "Because they are powerful Democrats." I almost shut this one without commenting, because there is nothing new to say here. Powerful Democrats are immune to laws that you and I (and most Republicans) must obey.

* * *

Another reason not to patronize Subway though I'd wager the ones in England are a different company. Regardless, I have zero interest in paying Danegeld to muslims and I won't patronize a sandwich shop at which I cannot get ham, which is a basic fricking lunch meat.

The sandwich was invented by white Europeans--specifically, an englishman, the Earl of Sandwich. Hey muslims, stop appropriating my culture.

* * *

Jesus was not a Palestinian.
The name "Palestine" wasn't even applied to the land of Judea by the Romans until 100 years after Jesus, after the Bar Kokhba revolt in 134 A.D. The Romans plucked this name out of the Bible (it's a variant of "Philistine") as the name of the Jews' ancient enemies, just to taunt the Jews as they barred them from living in the area. And when they did apply this name, it was the name only of a region, never of a people. There were never any "Palestinians" until they were invited by Yasser Arafat and the KGB in the 1960s.
So, yeah: "Palestinian" is a communist invention. Jesus was never a Palestinian. Palestine is a place, not a people.

* * *

A biology professor compares human fetus to a parasite. I mean, he calls it "a legitimate parasite". A biology professor says this while comparing a fetus to an invasive cancer.

Yet another person who fucking loves science but doesn't appear to know dick about his chosen discipline.

* * *

The Heisei Era has ended.

* * *

Well, how Nixonian!
The FISA court has been looking into abuses of the FISA system and has communicated with the Justice Department about its findings. Their chief judge has already determined that for more than four years before the election of Donald Trump, there was an illegal spying operation (yes, spying--and, yes, illegal) going on by four FBI contractors to break the law to steal personal electronic information about American citizens and to use it against the Republican Party.
Emphasis theirs.

Richard Nixon got hounded out of office for doing something much less comprehensive.

* * *

ALCU tried to help SPLC, was denied. SPLC is a left-wing hate group, and the ACLU considers them fellow travelers, so naturally they tried to help.

But the SPLC doesn't need any help, ruled the judge, and rightly so.

* * *

1 foot wide and 1 foot deep is a "navigable waterway" according to our lovely federal government. The EPA, of course; who else? And it was during the Obama administration, naturally.

A perfect example of "government overreach", of course, is when the EPA decides that a ditch is something you could possibly pilot a kayak on, and so it becomes a "navigable waterway". You see, if it's just a drainage ditch and not a navigable waterway, EPA doesn't have any control over it. The instant that it's deemed to be navigable, though, presto! EPA is in charge! And you can't do anything to that waterway until and unless you commit the approprate lustrations and sacrifices at the foot of the grand EPA altar.

God help you if you spray for mosquitos or something near that thing. Holy shit.

* * *

Taxation is theft. Just remember that.

* * *

Boeing is backpedaling now. "The company said that it didn't intentionally deactivate the alerts, and that they had only been disabled because of the software issue." They are now trying to blame the two crashes of the 737MAX on a "software glitch". Apparently the lack of a warning light over the disagreement between the two critical angle-of-attack sensors was supposed to show, regardless of what the buyer paid for the plane.
In a clarification that only created more confusion, Boeing said Monday that an alert intended to notify pilots when the plane might be receiving erroneous data from one of the 737 MAX 8's 'angle of attack' sensors wasn't disabled intentionally, as WSJ reported on Sunday, but that the feature had been disabled because of a previously undisclosed software glitch.

What's confusing is that Boeing had confirmed WSJ's story that the aerospace company had neglected to tell the FAA and Southwest, the biggest customer for the 737 MAX 8, that the alert feature had been disabled because it had been made a new 'optional' safety feature. The alerts would have warned pilots that the plane's MCAS system might be about to misfire.
Corporate malfeasance one way, misfeasance the other. Regardless, Boeing, you fucked up, and whoever was in charge should be facing the prospect of jail time.

* * *

It appears that the violent communist wing of the Democrat party was plotting an "armed rebellion" at the Mexico border. Further bulletins as events warrant.

* * *

This about sums it up.
You live in a sanctuary city. You live in a sanctuary state. You want to open your city's arms to the homeless, the mentally ill and the drug addicted. Until they move into your neighborhood. It was only yesterday that a New York State judge allowed the city to transform a dilapidated hotel into a homeless shelter...on what is gingerly called billionaires' row.... If you know New York, billionaires row contains new ultra luxe condos on West 57th Street across to West 59th Street. They overlook Central Park and go for tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, thanks to comrade de Blasio the inhabitants will be surrounded by their very own homeless shelter...along with the good feelings it brings for allowing them to feel like they care about the poor.
Ellipses are his.

I love to see this idiots get what they voted for, good and hard.

* * *

This is the first time I've seen an explanation for traffic jams that wasn't, "Well, there just aren't enough lanes for all the cars." It also accounts nicely for the wavelike behavior you see in them.

* * *

And the same antivenin is $100 a vial in Mexico. Too much government in health care.

* * *

Give me a break:

"Hero"? "Brave"? At just about every university or college in the world, you're going to get a standing ovation if you stand up at graduation and tell them all that you're gay. What's brave and heroic about saying something like that to a bunch of leftists?

Now, let that guy stand up and tell everyone he's a conservative Christian who voted for Trump--that would be brave. He'd be booed off the stage before he could finish his next sentence; he'd be lucky to get out of there with his skin, and I'd be surprised if the college didn't revoke his diploma.

* * *

So, looking at Faceboob today, I saw this:

"Oh, dick," I thought, because Mike Hartley doesn't normally post stuff like that.

Here's what he posted:


* * *

Sunday's ep of Game of Thrones was fucking boring. A slight spoiler ahead--one.

Very dark, full of shaky-cam; you could hardly tell what was happening half the time, and the other half wasn't enough to help you understand the first half. To make things worse, I knew the entire episode was going to be about like that.

"The biggest, most important battle of the entire series," I told Mrs. Fungus, "and I'm bored."

On the plus side, there's no "continued next week" with this one. They managed to complete it in ninety minutes of sheer boredom and so now the focus will move south to King's Landing and the final battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms.

(Not much of a spoiler, because you have to know that in a 6-episode season they're not going to wipe out "the good guys" in episode 3.)

REAL SPOILERS at this link which takes down the Battle of Winterfell as a botch job of strategy.

A-number-one fuckup was having their cavalry attack first. Sure, let's send our light cavalry in as the first wave--and further let's let them run way ahead of the infantry--which stands there like stumps.

That is not how you use cavalry. Especially not light cavalry.

* * *

Been watching Amagi Brilliant Park on Amazon Prime over the past couple of days. A few laugh-out-loud moments, and the plot's okay. Worth watching.

* * *


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